The Dark Questions

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Seacowboys, Dec 17, 2007.

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    There are few of us that do not realize that if Ron Paul is elected, he will be assassinated. I am sure that Dr. Paul realizes this himself and has the courage to position himself on the bulls-eye to be the catalyst that binds the revolution. The real powers that rule this world cannot allow the American people to take back our nation.
    The soldiers that are sent to curtail the violence will be our own children and they will righteously believe they are serving the greater good in quelling those that would take our nation apart. The hard-line during the first war was "Brother against Brother" and in fact, this was true and will pale when Fathers and Sons meet in Battle and the Sons have all the advantage of technology and unlimited fire superiority.
    Since the true enemy does not have a face, the pawns that we fight will be entirely sacrificial and will have no meaning other that attrition. They will profit from this war, as financiers always do, and profit will come from both sides of the opposition. Collateral damage will be unavoidable in the extreme and the bought media will display this in every venue; even sheep can become dangerous when stampeded.
    We have demonstrated our willingness to give our money and our energy to this fight; we showed the world that yesterday. We have demonstrated our resolve in preparing to survive the coming collapse of infrastructure, even to the point of assisting our neighbors and friends. The one question that remains is identifying the real threat.
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    I believe that RP is a dead man walking. TPTB will never let him serve a day as POTUS IMHO. He has to know that but continues on getting more people behind him everyday. [respect]Now the real question is when the head is cut off the snake will it live on or will it die??? I hope that it will grow two heads and become twice as deadly. Only time will tell.

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    SC you have brought up the REAL question that only us who remember JFK and such can relate to. I imagine that it is on the mind of some, but is like a taboo to mention. The younger ones still believe that "they wouldn't do that", but we know better. Ask Vince Foster.

    You bring up some great points, and it will be sad to see the unfolding. Myself being a bible believer has to remember the passages where it is clear about the conflict between fathers and sons in the last days.

    I'm not a parrot for the last days are upon us now, but it will happen sometime, and this is as good time as ever.

    Tough decisions are coming, in every aspect of our lives.

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    I agree that RP is in great danger if elected or if he even gets so popular the media will not be able to ignore him.
    But OGM I hope that the snake will grow thousands of heads as only a loosely/non organized system will work.
    keep the faith
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