The German NBC suits in sportsman’s guide?

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  1. I was hoping to become more informed before I started asking about NBC suits, but I was reading the sportsman’s guide and saw they have a “new” German Mil NBC Suit, for $40.
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    It seems like a good deal.

    It says it has a drawstring hood, would that work with an M40 gas mask (I don’t se why it wouldn’t)?

    I’m thinking I want an impermeable suit, because the thought of having another NBC thing that I need to replace every 10 years is unappealing, (I’m assuming the reactive suits degrade like gas mask filters since they also have activated carbon), and impermeable suits function longer than reactive suits.
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    Put it in a vacuum sealed bag with a oxygen absorber and it should stay
    good for ever .The charcoal wouldn't have anything to absorb,this is the way the are shipped to the military.

    I may have to see about getting a couple of them ,one to store and one for the grandsons to use hunting .
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    I've got a couple of them on the way. I'll report back when they arrive. I'm expecting them this week.

    Stupidly, I also ordered some of the russian masks, without researching first. I had no idea they were useless. They will be returned as soon as they arrive. [dunno] I should have known better.
  4. Excellent, there’s nothing better than first hand info!
    I’m interested to see if you can wear normal cloths under them.
    You wouldn’t happen to be in the market for a Israeli civy mask would you, they’re no M40 but they’re not Soviet either.
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    IIRC, they only had M and L sizes left in the NBC suits.

    I'm always in the market for stuff. Price is always the question. PM me a price and condition, and we'll see if it can work.
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    Got them in the mail today. They are indeed, new in original packaging. I have to admit, I read the description wrong though. I thought they were going to be a very heavy mil rubber/butyl type material. They are not. They don't appear to be like my US Mil Carbon suit either. They feel like a "softshell material". I'm at work and didn't take the time to spread them out so everyone could see them, but I gave them a quick check. They have lots of velcro adjustments, include suspenders, and appear to be very well made. The only markings are a small german flag on the left shoulder.

    I'm going to have to investigate the material a little closer and see if I can figure it out. Any outside input would be appreciated. I'd hate find out I had the wrong gear at the wrong time ... :)

    There was some sort of residue left on my hands afterwards. Kind of a resin like feel to it.
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