The History of Man

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    I was a boy for forty years. That seems like an inordinately long time but was in fact, just a wasted blink of the eye. Boys do not have much in common with men other than the obvious physical features and men do not waste envy on youth. It is only a matter of priorities.

    Boys focus on the immediate needs, the things they want; a fast car or boat, a pretty girl, cold beers. Life is an adventure. Men are dedicated to what they need; warmth, shelter, companionship. Boys are cruel in their selfishness; men are cruel in their compassion.

    A boy will kill for lust; a man will kill for necessity. Boys will shout to be heard. A man will shout only to warn. Boys will live forever. Men know that they will not. A boy will take a life to save a friend; A man will give his.
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