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    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    I guess with the weather heatin' up many are quite busier than normal out-of-doors...

    Been making/mastering homemade RAW CHEESE out of our fresh raw goats milk, & boy oh boy is it ever so tasty!!! It tastes nothing like store-boughten cheese and has so much more flavour! DELISH!!!! There's no going back to making cheese the old way where you have to buy so much modern commercial unnecessary cr*p!

    Onto another subject....Daughter loved my recent birthday cake (all from scratch) where I used our goat's milk to make a raw goat's milk cream cheese cake frosting sooooooooooo much, that she's really been participating more in our twice daily milking.

    Here's super-cute photograph to share below:


    As for everything else we've noticed mother nature being a lot more topsey-turvey/less predictable with her weather conditions. Normally the strawberries come on every year @ a certain time, and they were late... Cooler than normal this year, and then it flip flops back and forth. I'd have to say that anyone who's into SURVIVAL will have to be much more particular about what types of crops they choose to grow in the future. You're gonna have to pick more versatile crops which handle a wider range of temps, and stuff that is just plain ol' SUPER HARDY.

    Regarding chickens, our super-broody Buff Orpington's are pumping out lots of chicks for us... which works out great as we love chicken! Buff Orpingtons are definately THE BEST CHICKEN WE'VE EVER HAD (& we've tried many different breeds through the years)! They're truly what we would call a self relient SURVIVAL CHICKEN breed.

    Not much else is going on other than working hard/keeping busy and trying to meet our goals as a family!

    As always I wish everyone the best!
    Take care now...



    P.S.- Oh yes, before I forget... down in our creek area we have lots of wild medicinal herbs growing without a care. This week I plan on harvesting a bunch/drying them for future use. A personal favorite of mine is Cleavers, as it's a blood purifier and makes for delicious warm healthful tea during the winter months. We try to make use of as much as we can around us from Mother Nature's maintenance free garden/supermarket. More folk should learn about wildcrafting/wild edibles because it's less for you to grow/have buy, and not too hard on one's pocket book (if ya know what I mean). With the price of everything rising making use of these sorts of free self-sustaining things now (and in the future) can be beyond helpful and give you a huge advantage on the sheeple! Bye now...
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