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  1. snowbyrd

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    What are the little things you have in your BOB(s)? you know the things that fill up the nooks an crannies? I have several BOBs Infant BOB, a small fanny pack, baby BOB, a small rucksack, Junior BOB, a medium pack, you get the picture.
    Small safety pins, aluminum foil, X-acto blades, razor blades,50gal contractor garbage bags,dental floss, couple a needles and thread. utility knife blades.
    The plastic mayo jars are great for storage, float, waterproof and 'green' uh, reuseable. I have several small 1st aid kits made out of them, just toss them in the trunk or behind the seat.Wrap some tape on the outside for when needed.
    Probably shudda looked in IBOB to see what all in there, tweezer for sure.

    I am also organizing a hunting trip for fainting goats, not sure how that will work, shoot at one and they all fall down!![beer]
  2. oldsoldier

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    ome of the "little things" that a suprising number of people forget are.

    Personal items, soap, shaving items, tooth paste, brush and such.

    medicines and eye care, extra glasses, contacts

    personal documents and information

    emergency cash

    extra batteries for flashlight,radios etc.
  3. BAT1

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    For all the small things used pill bottles are great.
  4. Brokor

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    Pepper spray and cayenne pepper. It's great when you have dogs tracking you; just lay down a nice patch over your trail, careful not to get any on you.
  5. snowbyrd

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    Two types of 'tracking dogs', One takes the scent off the ground the other from the 'drift' of your scent. From my SAR days the handler and dog was off the trail in the bushes unless the scent was really fresh. I read some where on here about dogs and trailing, will try to find it for you but the gist of it was Paul Newman in 'Cool Hand Luke' wodda got caught even sooner.
    The dogs are sniffing out all the skin cells you drop, your sweat 'oder', any scented soap on you or your clothes. The 'Blood Hound' can tell the difference between twins and go to the one that they started on.
    Amazing critter to be sure.
  6. Brokor

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    Absolutely. I have only played around with the idea with some of my friend's dogs. They weren't as well trained or with the abilities you mentioned, but if they were, I would have had to set up a 'kill zone'. [gun]
  7. Disciple

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    The Most Important thing I keep in my Bob is a copy of the bible. but I have a first aid kit, a folding shovel, a Hooyman saw, a woodsman pal,a extra leatherman wave, a couple gerber folders,a gerber back pax ax, a brunton sherpa altimeter/handheld weather station, a few emergency sleeping bags, a signal mirror (just in case), an esbit stove with a bunch of trioxamine tabs, stormproof matches in waterproof containers, quick clot, bens insect repellant wipes, some pocket soap strips, one microfiber towel, black diamond icon headlamp with 2 nrg rechargeable battery kits,
    and a few more things,
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