The new way forward- Term Limit's?

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Yard Dart, May 2, 2012.

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    You know I have watched the GOP front runners and I have gone round and round with friends over the virtue, benefit and validation of all that have been contending for nomination and to kick BO on his ass back to Chicago. Tho I am not sure about Mitt, I am sure about BO. What can we do as the citizenry to make sure we have some correction to the last 3 years plus? I am thinking we can do very little, as I feel this chapter has been written already. My gut say's Mitt is in and BO is out. But with the caveat that the existing regime of long termer's will continue with the slow erosion of our rights per their plan they have followed for years.

    I think we need a deep restructure to the term limits of all positions with-in government. We have so many changes in technology, finance and world politics that the old regime... aka old farts continuallly relected- need to go and retire. I want fresh blood in offices, responsible to the people foremost- for a short period and then mandatory swap with new talent within two terms. The biggest problem with our system as I see it, is the fact that we have careeer politicians that have never worked, lead a business, or served that are groomed to be these perfect candidates straight out of college. Not one of us are perfect, and to have a perfect politician is a lie... but these folks coming out of the current system are greasy clean- because they have never lived the common man's life. We see them everday on the news giving us their opinion but in reality they have never developed their personal constitution thru blood, sweat and tears like our founders before us. Until you have followed- you can never lead!! What say you?
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    When politics are use as a lifelong career, you will always base you decisions on what will be in you own personal best intrest, this is human nature. I have always thought a lifetime term limit was the best way to go, it would work like this. You have a total of say 10 years in high level politics, so when you get to say....mayor as a starting point, you time starts, 2years as mayor, 4 as gov, 4 as pres, and then your out, 10 as mayor and you are still out. the starting point and term would need to be decided, but having a set timeline would insure that decisions would be less career motivated and more for the good of our country. This would also help put the "common man" in positions where they cold make some real changes. As with anything, it would not be perfect, but anything is better then what we have now.
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    I think Luger was a good example of a guy being in his seat to long. This kind of change is beneficial to bringing in new blood, not being owned by the establishment. Via our voting for candidates with our values, we can make change!!
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