The possibility of hazardous travel exists across North and Central Texas Monday night into Tuesday.

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    ...Wintry precipitation possible across North and Central Texas
    Monday night and Tuesday. Bitter cold expected Monday night
    through Wednesday night...

    * LOCATIONS IMPACTED...All of North and Central Texas.

    * TIMING...Monday evening from the Red River to Interstate 20,
    overnight Monday night into Tuesday morning along and south of
    Interstate 20.

    * ACCUMULATIONS...Specific amounts are uncertain, but at this time
    it looks like most areas will receive light accumulations with
    varying totals across the region. More information will become
    known later in the weekend as the system becomes better sampled
    by the upper air network.

    * IMPACTS...Travel may become hazardous Monday night into Tuesday.

    * TEMPERATURES...Bitter cold is expected behind the front with
    just about all areas seeing high temperatures remaining below
    freezing on Tuesday. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning lows will
    generally be in the 15 to 20 degree range. Wind chills in the
    teens to single digits are likely.

    The possibility of hazardous travel exists across North and
    Central Texas Monday night into Tuesday. In addition to planning
    for possible delays and alternate travel plans, preparations
    should also be made to protect the things most vulnerable during
    unseasonably cold weather. These include pets, pipes, plants and
    of course, people.
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    Worst drive I ever did was crawling across southern Texas in the winter of 1983-1984. My Navy ship in Charleston, SC. sent me to tech school at Mare Island, Ca.
    I spent a couple days home in Florida, then drove I-10 west. Temp was thirties in Florida, dropped to just below zero in Texas at night. All motels filled, so I kept going. My jacked up '75 Firebird hated snow and ice, and would spin if I tried to go faster than 15MPH. My biggest fear was getting rear-ended by a speeding Semi or RV. One big RV went blasting past me. I made the turn up ahead, he did not. Already a cop there, so I didn't stop.
    By the time I rolled into SoCal, I was down to my t-shirt, window down, my Beachboys casette playing! It was warm. The jet stream had pushed the cold down in Texas.
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    Like situation one time.
    We had gone to Mom's house along I20 in Central Texas.
    The time was Thanks Giving and all seemed well. I was expecting it to get colder and our next stop was "The Ranch". We had loaded up the night before an had a 5x10 foot open top trailer. Around 8am we ate and packed our small suitcases, placed them in the truck and dwadled over coffee.

    At 9am I rolled outside and found a layer of ice on the trailer, bam inside, saddle up, we leave now or not for days I said. The storm had hit hard, cold and wet.

    We headed into the storm and got lucky with another driver with a small trailer in front and the same behind. Both knew how to drive in sleet and we caravaned for many miles. Each driver slowing before bridges and coasting across. We exited and were a bit safer. When the traffic built up behind I would pull over "to clean my windshield" actually to let the fools by. Each time of maybe 6 such events one of the passers was in the ditch in a few miles.

    Finally one last hill to crest and almost to the ranch. We were iced in as was all of Texas for 4 days.

    Ice melted and we went safely home.

    I don't expect this to be as bad but some will die.
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