The Prepper and Leadership

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    Whether you like it or not, the very fact that you are preparing for an uncertain future may mean that when that future arrives, and you have to put your prepping skills and resources into practice, it is like that you will become a leader in your family, group, neighbourhood or community...if you aren't one already.

    Unless you are intent on a lone wolf survival strategy, you will undoubtedly band with others..perhaps family, trusted friends, neighbours and the like. Your preparations and commitment to survival may make you the default leader.

    Some folk have leadership experience and training, maybe through military service or though civilian emergency services or law enforcement. If you have no background in exercising leadership, perhaps that is a skillset that will undoubtedly be useful for you to have in a SHTF environment...if only that it may enhance the survival chances of you and the ones you love and care about. A skillset worth developing for the future...but also for the present.

    Fortunately your tax dollars have contributed to developing a resource that you can use to adapt to your civilian is well worth reading, absorbing and adopting.


    Chapters 3,4 & 5 are good places to start evaluating your own approach to leadership.
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    Nicely put, and the link is appreciated.
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    Thankyou Mm...I really should upload it to the Site's resources section.
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