The Psychology of Trollers and Spammers

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    Yes, we know them when we see them but we also know how to show them to the door if they don't change their wicked ways

    Trolls divert online discussions into non-productive, off-topic venues. They pose as part of a community only to disrupt it. Trolling is anti-social behavior.

    Some of the techniques trolls use to accomplish their objectives are:
    • Pithy put-downs
    • Name-calling and insults
    • Ad hominem attacks that try to negate an opinion by alleging negatives about the person supporting it
    • Impugning other's motives
    • Emotional rants
    • Bullying and harassment
    • Completely off-topic posts
    • Posting inaccurate "facts"
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    While reading this post I was struck with the similarity of tactics used by those who believe in global warming and liberals...
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    In real life every troll is a coward.
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