The Republican Ticket - Only a Mirror Image of Ron Paul 2012

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    » Newt Gingrich

    Perhaps one of the best write-ups ever. Gingrich, along with others running for the Presidency on the Republican ticket are clearly hired to divide the vote and make false promises, often taking on the same rhetoric as has long been espoused by Ron Paul...but the true patriots of this nation have not been deceived. Ron Paul is constantly gaining support, and this troubles the establishment. Their goal is to try and make it as difficult as possible so as to create the illusion of "democratic" process taking its natural route.

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    Couldn't agree more. They will never let Ron Paul be POTUS because it would threaten the balance of things and show people they can have freedom. IMHO they would kill him before he got elected.

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    I must admit on many an election I have been one of those persons who to not wanting to throw away my vote, actually voted for what I considered to be the lesser of two evils. I have finally got it through my thick skull that the two party system is so corrupt, that in my opinion, when a promising new candidate gets elected, they are sat down with the party leadership and enlightened on the facts of life. The corrupt leadership is so strong they are able to make almost all of these new Federal representatives supposedly of the people and for the people, come around to their corrupted way of doing things and the peoples wants and needs are no longer an issue or input to be considered unless it mirrors the party leaders bought and paid for influence peddled big money position.
    It will be a rare situation indeed when I again vote for either a Democrat or a Republican. We need to break the strangle hold that the two big political parties have on Washington. We have to break the cycle. We have to vote our conscience even if you believe it is not possible to elect an independent for the top positions in this country. We have to do it because if we don't we truly are doomed.
    The best man or woman imho running for a political position WHO IS NOT RUNNING AS A DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN will get my vote every time from now on.
    I wish you all would consider this strategy as well.
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    The only thing that worries me about Ron Paul is his age. He'll be close to 80 if elected come 2012, and while longevity is increasing, there's less promise that he'll complete a term, much less two. In other words, his running mate will be a critically important choice.

    I really, really do NOT like the way veep candidates are selected these days, seems to be (I hesitate to call it because Palin got the nod) a beauty contest, not in any way based on ability to take over if the pres goes down. Say what you will, the few cases where the veep has taken over, they were at least credible in their own right even if unelectable on their own.
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    In the last several decades, the VEEP is basically a Party flunky who will follow orders and simply keep the ball rolling til the next election - when the POTUS goes down, the VEEP is called to the Star Chamber and read his script. A few have risen beyond that - Harry Truman was a good example. The Party ran him as second banana to FDR because they thought they could control him. They found out the little bespectacled man had brass cojones!
    Lately the Party hedged their bets with the illegal alien, running Smokin' Joe because he knew the ins & outs of the DC world. He's numb from the neck up on true Constitutional issues - but he's a loyal Party man.
    My fear with Ron Paul is that even if the GOP ran him (they won't) he'd go in totally powerless - both Parties would refuse to let him do anything. At best we'd get four years of the goobermint on idle spinning their wheels.
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    ^ This is spot on. Outside of him being "killed" by "them":rolleyes:. They would allow him to be elected, but a POTUS (or VP) a government does not make. It requires some help in the legislative branch. Not impossible, but would require more liberty or moderate turnover than we have ever seen. We have seen more liberty touting moderate Demys and Repubs in the last few years than ever before. I think it will take a bit more time. If the Tea Party kicks up and drives through the election, there might be enough momentum to keep the train rolling through another 4 years. Parties are solidified over time. We are only just starting in terms of "party". There have been individuals in the past, but today is bit more energized and organized.

    Interesting times.

    I think Ron Paul has a slim chance in hell of pulling this off. It doesn't take winning to turn heads... enough votes on a third party will make people stop and think. That is probably a more realistic goal. It certainly isn't throwing away a vote as some describe it. Fear of being thrown out next election does funny things... look at Dummycrats and the gun control. All of this assumes that Ron Paul will stay on the POTUS ticket even if he doesn't win the GOP nomination (unlikely IMHO).
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    I disagree with you when you say Paul would be "powerless". Ron Paul is the vehicle of the people, he epitomizes the fight against tyranny, his strength comes from the will of the people, and even though there are only 15% of us (roughly) who comprise this foundation --there is no force on earth greater than a united people. This may only sound like fictional storytelling, but I guarantee you 3 months in office for this man would surely send the globalists reeling for cover. We have some tricks up our sleeves, too. Take a look at Andrew Jackson, he killed the banks --and he didn't just throw the vipers into the pit of fire for a few days, he eradicated them for over 70 years, bringing in a new age of hope which inevitably led to Lincoln's debt-free currency. Even though the private bankers once again gained control over the monetary system in the end, some of us are thankful for the insight that great men can provide.

    This fight is far from over. The elitists do have many weapons in their arsenal, and Ron Paul will not receive their blessing...but what the globalists FEAR is the growing support for liberty in Ron Paul's name. Even if he does not win, the numbers will never lie, at least not to those of us who are familiar with the biased corporate media. They are doing everything they can to keep the numbers in support of Ron Paul as low as possible; they divide the Republican nomination to include as many of their puppets as possible. Each new Republican candidate is spouting the same verse in mirror image of what the people have found to be their calling --this has been Ron Paul's stance from the beginning, because it is the will of the people. It s a mind game of epic proportions, and it is a vain attempt at playing to suckers and the misinformed.

    Win or lose, Ron Paul will receive the vote of the people who truly wish to be free from the grasp of the corpolitical dynasties and the banking collective. Only the timid and the ignorant will fall for the smooth talking clones.

    "He's old, he might die in office!" -excuses.
    "He has enemies, he can never accomplish anything!" -So do we, divided we fall, united we are unstoppable.
    "Just vote your conscience." -Become educated on who your enemy truly is, vote to restore the republic.
    "There are several candidates saying the same thing." -And only ONE with the long standing record to prove he means what he says.
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