The Republicans Are Going to Lose

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Minuteman, Oct 2, 2007.

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    If the Republican party doesn't start listening to their constituents then they are going to force a lot of their base into deserting them. Remember Ross Perot?

    He gave us the first Clinton presidency. But it was ultimately the Republican Parties ignoring of their base's wishes.

    That same "We know what's best" and "Let's reward those who have proven their loyalty to the party". That type of thinking, ignoring what the people want, could give us President Hillary!

    I know of no one I have met, know, talked to, or heard of from the heartland who supports either Guiliani or Romney. The New York press and bankers may like them but the common people don't trust them.

    I think that is the very reason that they have run in the Johnny-come-lately Fred Thompson in. A southerner with huge name recognition. But what do we really know about him?

    I actually have said that I would probably support him if Ron Paul fails to win the nomination. But then I got to thinking "What do I really know about him?" After doing some research on him and his voting record, and in particular his paid for lobbying on issues contrary to those that I hold as a conservative Republican, I can say that I don't belive I could bring myself to vote for him either.

    So I return to my original position. Ron Paul is our best, and last, hope to save this nation. If you fear a democratic, liberal, leftist, president then I would suggest you get behind Dr. Paul now before it is too late.

    I and many, many more like me will NOT vote for Guiliani, Romney and probably not for Thompson either. If Ron Paul doesn't win the Nomination then I would have to seriously evaluate the other candidates, but I know that my vote would not go for the "top" three.

    If the Independant, Libertarian or Constitutional party were to run a viable, conservative, liberty minded candidate then I would have to seriously consider abandoning the Republican party too.

    Christians Will Bolt GOP if Giuliani Leads

    Christian conservatives are considering supporting a third-party candidate for president if Rudy Giuliani wins the Republican nomination.

    According to the New York Times, a coalition of influential Christian conservatives opposes Giuliani because of his support for abortion rights.

    The group includes Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family (who is also critical of Thompson), Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, and direct-mail pioneer Richard Viguerie.

    They, and others, gathered in Salt Lake City over the weekend for a meeting of Council for National Policy. Participants in the meeting told the Times that the group has not yet identified an alternative third party candidate, but the group is largely united in its plans to bolt the GOP if Giuliani becomes its presidential candidate.

    Gary Bauer, a Christian conservative political advocate, told the Times that he spoke to the group over the phone and urged it to proceed with caution. "I can’t think of a bigger disaster for social conservatives, defense conservatives, and economic conservatives than Hillary Clinton in the White House," Bauer said.

    "But I do believe there are certain core issues for the Republican Party — low taxes, strong defense and pro life — and if we nominate some who is hostile on one of those three things it will blow up the GOP."
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    If thats the case and Ron Paul dosen't win the primary, I hope Giuliani does then. We need a really good shake up in US politics.

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    The former New York superstar has some wealthy banker friends, too. It comes as no real surprise, of course...

    What is the CFR brigade famous for? Stacking the deck. Both sides are controlled, and even the voting system is a farce. Left or right, even Libertarian or Constitution Party -all infiltrated, and all controlled. I know because I helped early on to support Howard Phillips, who was a former Republican. Look how far Peroutka and their religious extremists perverted the original message and purpose of the party...and the Libertarians? That's a joke of epic proportions. More Libertarians today are divided over trivial special interests and tiny quirks than ever. Half of them are anarchists, each trying to elbow their way into position over the other. The leadership for the party is shady, weak, timid, and indecisive at best and cannot even gain enough support for the Free State Project, which intends to terraform a state full of corrupt politicians from the bottom up -without taking any action...just talk, talk, talk. Libertarians like to listen to themselves talk. Infiltrated and controlled. All of it.

    Despite this, I WANT the people to vote for Ron Paul -not because I believe he may win, not because he is a patriot who cannot be bought, but because this will send a clear message to the elitists, and that message is that we choose not to be silenced, we choose freedom over slavery, and they still have a lot of work to do if they expect to conquer this frontier of liberty.
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    If RP runs and loses, there will still be an awakening, I think B is trying to say. Well, I should hope so, but my bet is that it won't come before the election after this one if then, barring a revolution in fact, even if not in military garb. At least that's what I think I'm trying to say.
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