The Temporary Life

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by RightHand, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Growing up in a military family, life was always temporary, impermanent, and home was where every we happened to be at any given moment. When I gave the eulogy at my mom’s funeral, I said that she was our home. She gave us roots, a sense of permanence, a place to land on our feet and rest without fear or uncertainty.

    I learned some valuable life lessons by that existence. I learned to walk into a room of strangers and make a place for myself. I learned that a smile will bring strangers to your side and they will want to be your friend even if their approach is out of nothing more than curiosity. I learned not to become too attached – to anything. That is the only lesson I have allowed myself to cast aside. I learned that you have to rely on yourself first and foremost because, sometimes, that is all you will have. I had to take care of myself, fill my own needs, entertain myself, and find activities that were fulfilling in themselves. Maybe I am a solitary person as an adult because as a child, I had to learn to be.

    When I grew up, the thing I wanted most was a permanent home in a small community where I would know everyone and live for 50 or 60 years. I wanted friends with whom I could share memories instead of just pictures of people pasted in an album, their names long forgotten.

    I managed to find the home of which I had dreamed only to discover that it too was temporary. It shouldn’t have come as such a surprise. But, as I slide down the far side of the mountain I struggled so hard to climb, I’ve come to enjoy a life of anonymity with the permanent connections reserved for the few souls who reside in my heart rather than brick and mortar. They are our true home, after all, the only one that really matters.
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    Righthand you are killing me today...I started the morning reading your blog about your mom and now this. I only hope that my children learn half as much from me and remember me when I'm gone with a quarter of the love and respect you obviously have for yours. I remember the first time I held my oldest son...I looked over to my mother and said 'you love me this much?' and she just smiled and said even more because you have just given me another gift. Thanks for brightening my morning.
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    The only thing in Life that isn't temporary is Death. Even that may or may NOT be permanent, depending on the outcome of the Atheist, AfterLife debate, and we ALL will know that ANSWER, sooner or later.... You can count he the Humans, that have left this Rock, without dying, on one Hand, If you believe the Written History, and count the City of Enoch, as one being.... Temporary is so overstated in the Great Scheme of things, Comologically. Faith, Knowledge, and Friendships, are all any of us GOD Believing Folks can take with us, so those are the important things, to build in this life.... My Opinion.... YMMV....
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    Thanks for the post. I've hit a few potholes in my life and folks have asked why I can take everything so calmly. My reply - "Look, our life here is just a pretty shitty TDY for a few years. When I get back home, I KNOW everything will be all right. You know?"

    Eternity is a long time, looking forward to see how that all works.
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    Sounds like heaven to me...I would have moved anywhere with my parents if they didn't try to kill each other every night...we lived in one town and no one knew what I went through ..not even my best friend..I only told her after we were adults..I just knew if she came home with me I would have a peaceful night
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