The Throw-away/give-away wallet. Another great idea!

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    Excellent video!
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    speaking of wallets are you aware of the following?

    The Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (ATF) has decided that the Wallet Holsters which allow the gun to be fired while it is still in the holster, are now considered "Any Other Weapon" (AOW) The description of AOW is a device that is designed to not look like a firearm and yet fires a bullet. So the concept is that because it looks like a wallet and mugger may percieve it as a wallet as you are shooting him, the ATF thinks they should demand a tax on it. The tip up Berettas, the Seecamp, several other pistols, have holsters specifically designed for them.
    Now if you obtain one, you have to take it to a Class II manufacturer who fills out the appropriate paperwork and registers the weapon/holster combination as an AOW. The next step is to get the signature of a local law enforcement officer (Chief of Police or Sheriff), then get fingerprinted and send the whole thing off to ATF, along with (2) photographs of yourself, and $ 5.00 to cover the tax that is due.
    In a few months, they will send you a tax stamp that says you can own it. Now you go back to the Class II guy and pick it up. If you plan on carrying it on your person, make sure you have a copy of this documentation with you at all times. Each state has specific laws governing the ownership of these devices so you better check first to make sure you can legally own it before you plunk down your hard earned dollars.
    The paperwork is larger and harder to conceal than the gun! If you cannot find a Class II manufacturer in your area, the only alternative is to "make your own" AOW. This will cost you a whopping $ 200.00 to obtain the tax stamp. You cannot take possession of the gun and holster combination until you have been approved and have your stamp.
    If you really want one of these holsters, do your homework and check it out for yourselves. A Federal Criminal Charge is something most people can do without!!!!!!

    If you have one don't carry it , there is no grandfathering it... probably best to destroy it.... or make sure that the matching firearm is not in the same building...
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    Actually that ruling came out during the Clinton administration.
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    It's best to give a citation/link to an authoritative source when spreading informaiton like this: there's a lot of "received wisdom" that simply isn't true. I honestly didn't believe you when I first read this, and had to google it.

    ATF Online - Firearms - Guides - Identification of Firearms
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    When I first heard it in the 90's I didn't believe it either. Heck, I had been carrying a Hi Standard derringer in a wallet holster as a bug since the middle 70's. A call to the batf confirmed it.

    Really a piece of leather is a destructive device???? Somebody in DC needs therapy.
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    I wouldn't lie to you..... really....;)

    I just mentioned it because i had an individual using one for concealed carry show one to me without a care in the world.... and BATF dosen't do a good job publicising these things...
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