The Top 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Going to Survive Bugging Out to the Woods

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    This is the most sensible article I have read in ages. Rick, the author of the article, has humor and a realistic view of what prepping is all about. He gives four reason why bugging out is not a good idea for everyone. I do realize that some have a specific cabin they purchased for bugging out, I also know that some SM members live in their BOL but those that do not have a BOL or place to go, read this article:

    The author of the article starts with humor and does make you question, what really is prepping?

    Rest of the article is here:
    The Top 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Going to Survive Bugging Out to the Woods | Ready4itAll

    Here are the reasons it is a bad idea: (details why are in the article):
    1. Whose land do you think you’re going to bug out to?
    2. There are VERY few people who have the skills to survive in the wild
    3. It seems like EVERYONE is planning heading to the hills when SHTF. What makes you so special?
    4. You’re not giving animals nearly enough credit …and humans are greedy.

    I think the author of the article makes a valid point. Have a bug out plan for disasters but the Rambo fantasy is just that, a fantasy.
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  2. arleigh

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    Large game will be gone in short order,
    and or those that are already established, will be vigorously protecting their hunting grounds .
    Agenda 21 is aimed at removing all human presents from all remote areas .
    With todays technology even if you could stay hidden for a while growing food or shooting would soon give you away .
    It is my belief that prepers have already been burned out by government sponsored forces already, in Colorado years ago.
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  3. Meat

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    I'll be completely mobile with my gyro-copter. I'm not worried a bit. [afro]
  4. OldDude49

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    A point I often see NOT discussed is...

    you have in many cases ISOLATED yourself from any assistance from like minded people!

    you have made yourself an easy target... think!

    what happened in Russia? What happened in many countries that had such a gov... ?

    the gov was in no real hurry... they slowly eliminated the holds outs...

    it was not hard... just took some time... gather information and when you have enough...

    send in an overwhelming number of attackers and end the problem...

    that is what I see seldom expressed in all these scenarios...
  5. chimo

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    The only reason I have to bug out to the woods is as a temporary retreat to my local woods in the face of a vastly superior attacking force. Otherwise I am fine in my home in our tiny rural gaggle of homes and farms.
  6. Seepalaces

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    One of the reasons we'd avoid bugging out to the woods is that there will certainly be a number of armed lunatics who know little or nothing about their firearms at a time when medical resources will be stretched or non existent. That's a recipe for disaster. Wouldn't be surprised if I don't end up patching up some people who get shot by idiots in these cases.
  7. duane

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    If you bug out and are not heading to prepared location, you are a refugee and over the last few thousand years that hasn't worked out well. Many people even if semi prepared live in locations that will probably require them to bug out. A few of the stronger or luckier ones may survive, but I wouldn't want to bet on it for the vast majority. If you are serous about survival and really think it is likely to happen, you have to move now or at least prepare a fall back location and pray that you will have the ability to reach it if SHTF. Today in my 25 mile commute to work, I saw 20 or so wild turkey, 1 deer, 15 to 20 geese, 50 or so chickens, and two horses. I also saw 10 or so school buses, 2 thousand cars and trucks, and passed through areas with about 100,000 people and didn't even get to the main populated areas, and I live in "rural" New Hampshire. If everything was "harvested", it wouldn't even make a good snack for the population as a whole and Boston is 60 miles away. I have walked and hunted some in Northern New Hampshire and even if you were well equipped you could only survive in the summer time by constantly moving and probably not be able to survive at all in the winter.
  8. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd

    I don't disagree, but I thought it worth pointing out all the refugees that did and still do end up with very successful productive lives. America...and hard work...earned them the legendary American dream. You know what they say, that what don't kill you makes you stronger...if you can survive defacto SHTF, you ain't no weakling. ;)
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  9. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    Politically correct Native Americans used to live in the very best parts of this country. Even with a lifetime of training, experience, and well-designed tools, they did not have an easy time of it.

    Subsistence living is just another way of saying starvation starts with the next missed meal.

    Unrealistic "survivor" types will hit the woods in a big way when the poop hits the prop, and three weeks later they'll probably be the most common form of food.

    While they last.

    As hard as it will be to find food, it'll be harder still to get a good night's sleep, travel more than a very short distance, keep clean, stay hydrated, find firewood when the easy stuff is already burned up, and avoid very motivated marauders 24/7.

    Resting will not be an option.

    If anyone asks for me, I'll be at the Hilton.
  10. Yard Dart

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    I don't bug out, I will though pull back and watch and move back in when they pass. And if they loiter, I will observe their defenses and make the location undesirable and pick them off one by one..... or with overwhelming firepower.. whatever the situation dictates.
    The fact is... nothing is "here" of interest.... move on. Live like a survivor and prepare as such..... diversification can be your friends... spread the wealth of your plans amongst allies, caches and hidden local's. ;)
  11. Bishop

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    I am in my bug out location
  12. medicineman

    medicineman Survival Guru

    1. Whose land do you think you’re going to bug out to?
    MINE... and the 40 square miles of timber company (private) land around it that I have stumbled all over and around for a LOOOONG time.

    2. There are VERY few people who have the skills to survive in the wild
    I DO.... 43 years of practice and "living it" might just give me a bit of an advantage.

    3. It seems like EVERYONE is planning heading to the hills when SHTF. What makes you so special?
    25+ years of serious preparation for what may come. And the willingness to do whatever it takes to prevent "outside forces" from mucking up my plans.

    4. You’re not giving animals nearly enough credit …and humans are greedy.
    I fear no man or animal. When it is my time to go, it is my time.... and when it is theirs, they come to ME.

    I can see where a population of city-dwellers might think as the article has pointed out, but the real truth is that our rural communities ARE indeed "our AO". And nobody need come trudging out here thinking it is going to be a free-for-all.

    I also see that MANY "snowflakes", libtards, and hairy hippies (as depicted in the article's photo) WILL believe that they can "get back to nature in a serene and loving wilderness community".
    Not gonna happen.

    First, if the world is collapsed then you can bet your Birkenstocks that we WILL (and have already planned to) block ALL roadways from you to US.
    Second, you can also bet your tofu that we aren't gonna just welcome outsiders with open arms. You WILL keep right on walking, likely back towards where you came from cause you ain't coming here.

    Best advice I can give the city dwellers is to stay in your metropolis and hope for the best.
    You created it. You looked down your plastic noses at us for not being a part of it. You preached and gloated how great and wonderful it is......
    When TSHTF you can Suck it up and feast on it.

    And as for "game animals".....
    We plant food plots and cultivate the area to HOLD game where we want it.
    They aren't going anywhere, and we ain't gonna let no city slackers come and scare them off.

    Yeah, Animals ADAPT to environment, and get used to people being around in their area.
    I have seen them feeding in the late afternoon 200 yards from where we were shooting on a rifle range.
    I have pictures of deer feeding without fear less than 50 yards from running 18 wheeler log trucks and a wood chipping mill with HUGE cranes swinging loads of logs all over.
    You might not see but one deer on YOUR drive to work, but I see SEVERAL every afternoon.. and more in the early hours going home.
    Last Night I saw a Black BEAR digging in a discarded fast food bag in the median of the highway less than 2 miles from my house, and about 150 feet from another house. I hooked a U-turn and drove within 20 feet of "it" before it ran into the woods.
    Last week I had a whitetail doe knock over an 8' aluminum ladder at 9pm and get temporarily tangled in it... ON MY PORCH.

    Advice to writers and wannabe "outdoorsmen"....
    Not knowing a dang thing about animal behavior is one way to ruin your reputation as a "wilderness survival" author.... or website.

    Some may not have any natural resources prepared, but others of us do.
    Tomorrow afternoon I am taking the granddaughter down to the one acre STOCKED pond to fish for Bass, Bream, and Catfish.
    Do you really think I am going to let a hoard of stinkin city dwellers just waltz in and start fishing out my pond ???
    Really ???
    That "rule of law" the article speaks of is there to protect YOU from the consequences of Trespassing and Thievery.
    With no law officers and courts, we revert back to old established "rules".
    Trespassers and Thieves WILL be shot if they ignore the signs and come trying to steal off our land. (The paint on those trees and fence posts really IS range measurements.)
    Cattle, "stock", and horse thieves WILL be judged fairly and hanged quickly.

    Believe me when I tell you that the above "opinion piece", while POORLY written and researched, is GREAT ADVICE.
    Not for true SURVIVALISTS, but for all the city dwellers.
    It just fails to mention that "WE" are ALREADY "out here" in the countryside, we don't want your kind here now much less later, and we ain't "dumb Indians" waiting for some lost stupid white guy to come "discover" us.
    We know where we are and what we got, and we aim to keep it ALL.
    (unless you got good stuff to trade for what we are willing to part with)

    Now, all that said......
    Wanna get "out of Dodge" ???
    DO IT NOW !!!!!
    Come buy that piece of land down the road and start living the "country" life. Get to know your neighbors, and let them know you.

    Become a part of a NORMAL "community" the right way instead of looking out here from your cesspools of humanity and thinking "if something bad happens I will just go there".
    You will live longer.
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  13. Olympic mountain man

    Olympic mountain man just a lonely cook

    lol I got to laugh
  14. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    Bravo, medicineman! Well said.
  15. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    It certainly is amazing how many interpretation of an article there can be. I am a city dweller, I look down on no one and I plan on living and working where I am until I am ready to move back to the country and start living in my forever home. I was raised small town and look forward to the day I get back to my roots till then; I am collecting knowledge, skills and awareness. I can take my knowledge and skills everywhere. I thought the article was doing a good job of pointing out the obvious; prepare to take care of yourself where you are. Learn to survive the usually small events that take place where you are and grow from there, do not focus on going Rambo because that is fiction and unrealistic.
  16. Destiney'soma

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    I agree with all you posted and my question is to new beginners who are planning and learning at the same time become part of a community like yours? How much is the land and where? What does one bring to the community to become excepted. I am looking for land now but fear time is to short for me to get all I need done. Already stored food to move before having to leave. Can grow a garden, cut fire wood, teach younger children and shoot. Willing to learn as much as possible why I joined this site. Trying to get thing in order to leave before anything happens. Thank you for any more information you share.
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  17. BTPost

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    I am NOT trying to discourage you.... That is Not my intent here... The thing that will endear you to others, of Like Mind, will be the SkillSets you bring to the Community, since you do NOT have a place of your own, already... The folks, like myself, have been getting our places in order, for many decades... and some, for generations... It takes considerable work to build a place, and it does NOT happen in a year, or two... Especially if you have to support a Family while doing it.... it isn't easy to find a place, in most rural areas, these days, first because you are NOT a local, and that is a strike against you, right off... and second, If it is raw land, then the Infurstructure will take a minimum of a couple of years, to build, even with Massive assets going in... Do you have that kind of time.... Out here in the Alaskan Bush, we figure, three Years, of complete summers, to bring a place of Raw Land, to a livable Place, for year Round occupation, even with lots of money for materials... and that assumes the Land you buy, already has running water, either on it, or available, real close, and trees, of sufficent size, for heat, cooking, and building materials... Then there is the transportation aspect of a remote or rural place...
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  18. ghrit

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    This idea of joining an existing "group" that is established or well on its way is fascinating to most, just as it was to me a "long" time ago. Ambition, talent, whatever you can bring to the table will count. BUT my observation has been that if you are not from a farm family, that already has well developed land, your efforts will be spent trying to alter a wall with your head. BTPost started young, and for all his work, he started with an established setup that simply (riightt!) needed a bit of upgrade. 25 years of work later, the upgrades are nearly done. Now, that saga is bound to put you off, but there are people out there that have places and plans that you might fit in with. Few, if any, will respond to requests, in our experience on the site. If I had it to do over, I would have homesteaded in southern AK or someplace similar. Back then, a shoe string, a few tools, and a serious load of singleminded ambition was sufficient. Methinks that's no longer true.
  19. Tempstar

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    My simple answer to all the "I've got xxx" and I can repel invaders and I own 4 million bullets types: Go ahead and try it. Take a month and invite some friends to try and take your stuff. Simulate being under siege around the clock, being a target anytime you're outside. Think about the potential of even light armor penetrating your position. Then if you're really hardcore, try being forced out and survive two weeks with only what you were able to carry out, while maintaining sound and light discipline. Few will pass such a test, especially when faced with superior numbers of determined forces. Moving and surviving while maintaining stealth is tough. I see so many posts where one seems to think they will be all alone to hunt and fish and plant a garden while happily reading a book to the grandchildren. All of that is hard to do when you're on Code Red 24/7.
    As for repelling invaders, remember the first shot has just given away your position.
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  20. Destiney'soma

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    I have taken to heart all you have shared and will reread them again to be sure I don't miss anything because what I am getting now is we don't have a prayer. Please don't misunderstand I get your reasoning and I have only been working on this for a few years and the only teacher I have had with hands on experience is my mother who lived in a bombed out country and had to survive. I would have no problem staying here except I am surrounded by military bases which studies show will be the first places hit. I am old schooled in gardening year round and canning what I don't use right away. It looks like my best option is to pull in people I can trust with more levels of skills and set up the land the best we can and pray we have time to get enough done to make it. I am well aware I have much to learn and I may not succeed but I can't do nothing. I am open to all information anyone is willing to give. Thank you so much for giving me more to look for as it pertains to my needs and I will use all you have to offer.
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