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  1. I have been seeing a lot of threads lately , how do i prepare for this and that.

    I have been thinking about this ever since I read Mel Tappan's "Tappan on Survival" years ago. (It is all over the internet as a pdf if you wanna google fu it)

    Anyway, going back as far as one cares to look the solution was to gather into towns. Call them what you prefer, but I will use towns.

    A look at the typical frontieer / rural towns for the period of time one thinks one might be "kicked back to" should the SHTF events occur provides an example of the workable solutions that were developed by ancestors.

    For example, boonesboro was a small fort with everyone living around it in homesteads, and only "forting up" when threats were imminante.

    The castles and such of the dark ages were similar.

    the thing I see in common is that those who survived and attempted to live in a peaceful manner tended to have a "fort or castle" to retreat to, and lived mostly rural farm lives in between.

    They would gather together for the common defense then return to living free individual family lives.

    There were those fellows who would go to the wilderness as scouts / hunters /traders who often brought word of problems or who would chase kidnapped people by the various nomadic bandits who passed through, and any bandit group that settled into an area either became a dispot ruling through force of arms or the people killed em off.

    Towns tended to have similar things:
    a trade place
    a worship place
    a militia / defense organization of the locals
    a manufacturing ability to provide necessities that could not be relied on to obtain thorough trade.
    a school / training / apprenticeship method to teach the young to fit in and survive in the world as it existed.
    a essentially homogeneous group or tribe that tended to think and act according to similar principals of moral correctness.
    a barter / coin system with common valuations and such. (sometimes a bank, sometimes less formal)

    The bottom line is we all take towns for granted, and forget that they were the original survival community and still are, adapted for today.

    When planning on survival, history shows that tribal villages are a basic arrangement for cooperative work together that include respect for individuals and their property.

    This works well until someone wants to become king. At that point freedom erodes or the free people set things right.

    Look to your community and prepare to fit into it should times get grubby. That may mean knowing how to survive in a gulag / police state, or it may mean a pioneer village, or a feudal system.

    There will be systems because one person cannot do everything for ever nor store enough to remain alone forever.

    I study my community and work to know a lot of people in it. I attempt to support free fair trade by mutual agreement to mutual benefit without the presence of fear force or fraud.

    By working at having a barter group, and a general group that will work together, using trade and respect for the lives and property of others, no matter the scribbles on paper by those who would be king, it is possible to survive and help others of like mind survive.

    If you don't build your ties while it is easy, I would think it would be much more difficult during grubby times to establish trust and trade.

    I also think that the possibility of someone wanting to be local warlord is going to appear over and over and strong relationships based on free trade and respect for individuals and their property will help people band together to reject or defeat those who wish to rule at the point of their gun.

    Prepare for yourself and yours, but also build relationships, and consider towns are natural to us and understood. A small town of people who know the measure of the others in the town will probably work together as much as they can, and also respect each others freedom.

    Well not sure if I really stated it like I would, and it could surely encompass a ton of large books on the details, but towns, people relationships and preps are tied together to produce the survival solution of history we call towns.


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    Towns yesterday & today

    I agree that you need a "community" to belong to and be part of, no one can survive alone, there are to many things/resources you would need, that extra pairs of hands & minds could provide to see you over the "bumps" in the road.
    Remember the old saying-United We Stand Divided We Fall![beer]
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    That is exactly our prep plan, keep the town running. I have described my little slice of heaven at great lengths on here so I will spare folks the lengthy description right now. However, we have everything on your list covered and we have been tested a few times. The last time we were tested was a flood that isolated us for 6 days and then we had limited means of entry for an additional 2 weeks. What did the townsfolk do? Parked the portable BBQ pit on the bridge ( an additional 20' above the flood level ) in the middle of town and prococeeded to roast a pig while I, and the other folks in the town fire dept, drove from call to call ensuring everyone was safe and in secure locations.
    We all know each other so we all take care of each other when things get rough. We all have different skills and resources. My family is primarily responsible for medical care and public safety. My wife is an RN, I am a Medic, my brother is an EMT. All three of us are also in fire departments. I am a Chief officer and President of the local Dept, my wife is the EMS Lt.
    Local farms maintain fuel stores for us to ensure our rigs stay running. Our Capt. owns a machine shop that primarily does overhauls of tractor engines but he is equally handy with any other internal combustion engine. He is also a metal/parts/tool hoarder. He has bought every piece of emergency equipment, tractor, or highway equipment to go to county auction in the past 10 years.
    That is what just a few of us have to offer. We have a lot of other handy skill sets at our disposal so yeah.....I like yer thread! :D
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  4. I gotta ask, what about that "one feller" that won't play, or isn't prepared and just expects everyone to take care of him.

    I'm struggling with how to deal with that should shunning not work. The idea of forcing someone to leave their land is kind of unpleasant, and the one I have in mind lives on land that they have trash lived on for at least a few generation. (the trailors there look like only rust is holding em together to help paint the picture.)

    In the end what has to be done will be, but what does that make those of the town who step on the property rights of the other. Of course as soon as they figure out that the welfare check isn't coming, and that no one is giving them anything they will try to take it and probably end up shot so that may solve that problem that way.

    Still it is an issue and one I have to contend with in my thinking along with an influx of potential refugees, and family of locals , etc.

    Just sort of picking your brains hoping you have an elegant solution I'm missing.

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    Thad, the Old Adage "No Work, NO Eat" comes to mind.... If you have a Community Member that does NOT contribute to the success of the Community, then He/She just doesn't share in the Collective Returns, of said work of the community. Lone Wolves, are just that "alone" They live on the periphery of a community but do not share in the Community System. If they starve, that is their choice, and fate. Same for those that get Lazy, and do not contribute to the Community. This is the basic understanding that Community was founded on, way back when the first families formed Tribes. Then those Tribes came together to form Communities, in the Stone Age. You work, you Eat, otherwise you do NOT.... ...... YMMV....
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    You are a very blessed individual to have that.


    If someone cannot work because of physical or mental disease/ailment I believe that is where it is our duty as human beings to provide for them. THAT is the exact charity that a good person gives to another. Just because they cannot work does not mean they cannot enlighten and enrich the lives of others.


    If someone, or a group, chooses not to work then what comes upon them is their burden. It may not be safe to kick them out of town as they may become violent but to deny them what they are not working for would be the path I would take.

    One of three things will happen

    1) They will wise up

    2) They will leave town in search of what they need

    3) They will become violent and you will have to take care of way or another
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    We have a couple folks in our town who fit the profile you presented. They dont do much and are unpleasant to deal with. However, during our water emergencies and snow emergency over the past few years, they do step up. They have to be given very specific instruction and you cant give them very complex tasks but they fill a roll. In an isolated town pulling together situation during or post SHTF, these people can be used to fetch water, cut wood, process water for drinking (as long as you make an easy set up), help with kitchen duties, cleaning, and there is always manual labor. Digging ditches and field work will always need doing.
    If these folks refuse to contribute, then they get nothing from the community. No access to anything built or maintained by the people except the road out of town when they run out of anything they may have. If they decide to go the route of crime, they will be dealt with immediately and decisively. No going to jail and they will not collect their $200.

    We also have a plan for our sick/elderly. We have a few homes that are very accessable and incredibly warm thanks to good ole 1920's American iron full kitchen wood stoves. We will be able to maintain care of them and they will be grandma and grandpa 3, 4, 5, 6,... you get the idea. Since they already are referred to as gammy, mimi, nana, etc. by the kids in town, the transition will be one of comfort for all of them, kids and elderly.

    Tangent: We have an old feller who always plays Santa. He has grown the PERFECT santa beard and has the white hair to go with it. He has 6 kids of his own (all in their 40's now) that live all over the country so playing Santa is a big deal for not only the kids but him too because he doesnt get to see all his kids or grandkids for Christmas. :End tangent.

    In the end it is a simple concept, everyone does what they can. Dont overload someone because they will only fail and failure post SHTF or as the s*** is in fact hitting the fan is only going to do more harm than good. If they outright refuse to do anything then they get nothing. If they pose a threat, deal with it accordingly.
  8. I see that side of the coin and hope that the no work no food theory will work.

    The other side is those who will decide that they will be the king. Not sure what to do about them, especially the ones who have the smooth flower words and promises to make many let them lead so they don't have to step up so much.

    The bottom end and those who would be king are my worries.

    The weak and those with other problems like sickness and youth or age, They will receive what charity and help can be given. I will not be part of taking from one to give to others via force, but I will attempt to set the example of giving aid to those with true need. If to few step up, that to will become a problem. One with no simple solution.

    Goodness the more times I look at it the more I realize that not even all the good people will have any hope of being saved, and that way to few prepare today for the problems coming.

    Ah well I guess sufficient until the day are the problems there of may have to apply here for the time being, but with a lot of forethought on my part. Not worrying may be important, not planning would be foolish.

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    Some of us have discussed the King issue. The way we will be able to avoid it is through true cohabitation. For us, everyone brings something different to the table. We have a few farms in our area. A couple are dairy operations, one is a pig farm, and the other primarily deals in chickens but in the past 6 years has grown the goat and rabbits for meat business.
    We have a lumber mill, contractors, machine shop, a mason, and many more skills that all need people with the other skills. It would be wise of anyone to maintain absolute civility at all times. We all have assets and responsibility when it comes to security and we have regular meets to use our toys and to handle items we may not own but may need to employ someday.
    It is all about building relationships within the community now. Ice cream socials at the Church, Chicken BBQ at the fire station, Hayin party (explaination at bottom), winter sleddin day, or just a good ole hog roast are the things we do that brings us together when things are good. When times are bad it makes it only natural instinct to take care of one another.

    Hayin party: Everyone gets together and spends the day chuckin and stackin hay bales. Then at supper time we have a huge dinner with all the typical summer fare. Then its a softball or flag football game before we light the bon fire and have more than our fair share of beers and seeing how far you can get a mountain bike accross the pond.
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    I myself have been on the managers rear end about stocking up on survival foods. Our local store didn't carry much if anything other then big bags of flour for making taco's etc. After 3 months of talking with him, he started stocking up the shelves with buckets, water containers and wheat among other things. Then in a couple of weeks after seeing that it would sell, he ordered foods for storage in #10 cans and that is also doing pretty good. So now, he is begining to order even more. Then we sat down and talked about barter after the shtf. He had never given it a single thought, so now his little brain is working overtime.

    I located a diesel gennie for him , which I think he plans on buying to keep his cold boxes cold. Am also trying to get him together with a rancher friend of mine in Okla to buy beef on the hoof and possibly flour etc.

    Since I live in a very rural setting, there are a lot of "back yard" gardens etc around here. Some of these back yard gardens can be up to about 40 or so acres. You can grow a lot of corn and tators in that space. By starting now, I am hoping that we can get a lot more of the locals on board in the bartaring frame of mind BEFORE anything major happens. This would also go far on us "outlanders" going into our small little town for supplies later on. I also believe that the only way to really survive under really bad conditions would be to bunch up and hunker down. Thoughts ?
  11. I wonder if it would be possible to let the locals put some stuff out in a "trade day" in the parking lot to get some local trade / barter going. I don't think consignment in the store would get past the various folk that try to regulate how someone does business, but trade in the parking lot like a flea market might fly.

    Would also let ya'll see what folk might trade and set up consignment trading for later on (come SHTF / TEOTWAWKI) when the folks that want to be master of others are not around / loose power to regulate how a business operates?

    And the selling point to manager might be that as they come in to trade and think about it, they might start buying staples / storage / other survival / prep items from the store?

    Just some thoughts. I'd like to hear more on how this works out for you. What happens and how far you can take it profitably.

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