The WONDERFUL & AMAZING "Homemade Unpasteurized Vinegar"

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    Over here we make HOMEMADE UNPASTEURIZED VINEGAR by the barrel... The uses are endless, and it's beyond wonderful as it has much Medicinal value.

    If anyone wants to use it to improve their health, their pets health, have an all natural/safe cleanser, use it for food preservation and so much more.... maybe you should give it a go. Once you get started, you'll wonder why you "didn't sooner" as it's alot easier than one thinks.

    Another thing which I do is, sell off chunks from my ever growing "Mother of Vinegar" (<--gelatinous substance) which grows in your vinegar. It doesn't sound like much, but everytime I sell off a small piece of "mother'" I get $10 for it, and it can add up to something substantial by the end of the year, it it interests you. Now selling it isn't my main intention, as I do it mostly "for our health" & etc.... that's just an added "bonus".

    Vinegar can be made from all sorts of things including surplus fruits, grains, whey, tree bark (<--never made it before/am unsure as to which kinds can be used ~ need to do more research/experimentation in that dept.) and more... lol

    Here's a bit of HISTORY on VINEGAR:

    The ancients were quick to find the remarkable versatility of vinegar. Around 5,000 BC, the Babylonians used it as a preservative and as a condiment, and it was they who began flavoring it with herbs and spices. Roman legionnaires used it as a beverage. Cleopatra demonstrated its solvent property by dissolving precious pearls in it to win a wager that she could consume a fortune in a single meal. Hippocrates extolled its medicinal qualities and, indeed, it was probably one of our earliest remedies. The Greeks also reportedly made pickled vegetables or meats using vinegar. Biblical references show how it was much used for its soothing and healing properties. And when Hannibal, a great general, crossed the Alps with an army riding elephants, it was vinegar that helped pave the way. Obstructive boulders were heated and doused with vinegar, which cracked and crumbled the barriers. By about 3000 BC, the making of homemade vinegar was being phased out and, in 2000 BC, vinegar production was largely a commercial industry. During the American Civil War, vinegar was used to treat scurvy, and as recently as World War I, it was being used to treat wounds.

    Here are a few links to share,
    on the subject of "VINEGAR" below: Vinegars.htm uses

    Alrighty, HAPPY READING & maybe you too will be enjoying the most amazing VINEGAR @ a home near you! ;)

    If anyone is truly interested in making homemade healthful unpasteurized vinegar from scratch, it's not hard at all . Vinegar is made by the process of fermentation, so if you throw in your few ingredients (into a ceramic crock, barrel or glass jar...) it's as simple as regular mixing & some time before you get your final product. The short cut is to get your hands on a piece of "mother of vinegar" to speed up the process. But anyone can do it with a small bit of effort (mixing)/some patience, as it pretty much develops on it's own.

    For detailed directions,
    I suggest getting the book titled:

    By Author Sandor Ellix Katz

    as he has information on this subject, and many many more goodies of interest! :)



    P.S.- Wild edibles (berries, fruits and etc) or "natural homegrown stuffs" are your best choice, as storeboughten fruits are "not raised naturally" and are usually sprayed with junk/synthetic chemicals which can hinder the whole fermentation process which is needed to make your homemade vinegar. Same goes with wines which have nasty preservatives/additives.... ~ My quick tip/word of advice!

    P.P.S- During the holidays I usually give away bottles of specialty vinegars to family & friends as gifts. I've crushed wild black berries and made "BLACK BERRY VINEGAR", have also done "STRAWBERRY VINEGAR", "MIXED FRUIT VINEGARS" and so much more.... You can also put fresh herbs into your vinegars making "SPECIALTY HERBAL VINEGARS" and sell them as well. I know that the strawberry vinegar was a hit/delicious on fresh homegrown salads!!! YUMMY!!!!!
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