There's a new sheriff in town

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Working for the man means I'm also subject of propaganda distributed by the man. I get a bunch of these but this one made me laugh out loud--and I thought about putting in the joke forum, but it's not a joke, and the fact that people will believe they are doing good makes me a little sad. With few exceptions, every line is a lie.

    The message below is the same as if Idi Amen, Pol Pot, Mugabe all got together to write a book on how to run a government by peace, love, and kindness.

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  2. beast

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    yeah, theyre cutting other programs so the new commission can pocket the money
    just a pile of male bovus defecation
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    "new Government Accountability and Transparency Board, a group composed of independent inspectors general and high-level agency officials who will help me root out waste"

    So starting a new agency with a whole new level of bureaucracy will help??? I am sure those Independent inspectors will have a HEAFTY SALARY too. No waste there!!!! Give me a break...
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    This administration is about as transparent as a cinder block...
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    I think that this Constitutional requirement should be kept the way it is, in printed form. I remember many times going to the library to read and photocopy parts of the Federal far as the internet and censorship as well as possible requirements to use the internet in the future are concerned, well --I would much rather be satisfied knowing that we can keep tabs on our elected servants the old fashioned way than to have to apply for the privilege to access it on a database in the future.

    Not one penny of Federal tax dollars is ever spent on any social program. It is entirely absorbed by the deficit and used by the privately owned IRS to be transferred at their leisure to offshore corporations.
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    I rather think eliminating the office of "Vice President", and outsourcing the few true 'duties' he has to some energetic young person in India, would save us untold millions per year. Of course our Indian Contractor would augment his pittance of a Federal Salary with income from his other jobs as an IBM Help Desk technician and a Phone Sex 'girl'............
    No unions, no benefits..... totally win-win for the US! b::

    Heck, I'll bet we could 'out-source' the entire Congress and see a massive savings. [beer]
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    Yep, I am for eliminating Uncle Joe's Job, and his Office.... all his assistants, and courtesans, and turning his Office Space, into a Museum, for Old Farts who are, Way Past their Prime.....[ditto]
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    It would indeed be nice if we didn't need a Veep, but we do (witness LBJ and others that came to the Oval Office by succession.) Getting rid of the office would call for a Constitutional Convention (not particularly desirable in my eyes) and a complete overhaul of the order of succession. We just have to find a way to separate the Pres and Veep on the ballots. I don't think there is a Constitutional requirement that they be presented as a pair.

    The New Sheriff in town is a waste of skin. Maybe if he would just shut the hell up and go play golf in zero's stead.
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