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    If you are even thinking about TSTF, look into what is happening today in Zimbabwae right now. What used to be one of the richest counties in the world with a good medical system and a high standarad of living is rapidly falling apart. Everything that they need is there, but the power structure is in the process of destroying what little they do have left and the rich and powerfull are taking what little is left from the rest. God only knows what will happen when that is gone, as nothing new is being added or coming into the country. The best that the average citizen can hope for is to get out of Dodge and get into another country. Sounds like Argentina or Dafor or pick your favorite. The sad thing is that unless you are in the power structure, there is no hope of preparing as the police, gangs, army, and government are taking anything that isn't nailed down and moving into those things that are nailed down. If you prepare, they will take it. How much good is your survival retreat when the army arrives and eveicts you and gives it to their supporters? That is not a question of if there, it happened years ago. Looks like hideing in plain sight with multiple levels of caching and being very stealthy is the only hope there. Most of the middle class left while they still had a chnce and often with only the clothes on their backs.

    As little as I know about it, it seems that the only causes were mismanagement and politics. No oil crisis, no banking crisis, no natural disasters, none of the usual suspects. What happens if any of those things happen and you have a totaltarian government in place that makes the wrong decision? Well those hiding in the ruins of Berlin at the end of WWII have a differnt veiwpoint than the present crop of presidential canadates about the results of choice.
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