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    Weiner sits on $1 million pension, offered ‘Hustler’ job - Yahoo! News

    Weiner sits on $1 million pension, offered ‘Hustler’ job

    <cite id="yn-author">By Rachel Rose Hartman</cite>
    Democrat Anthony Weiner's immediate future may be uncertain, but thanks to congressional rules and the salaciousness of his scandal, things are already looking up for the disgraced New York congressman.
    Upon his official resignation in the wake of a monthlong scandal involving Weiner's risque online communications with multiple women, Weiner will still be eligible for many congressional perks, including access to a sizable pension fund. (House staff have yet to announce they've actually received his resignation letter.)
    The conservative National Taxpayers Union (NTU) estimates the 46-year-old congressman's pension to be worth $1.28 million if he retires at age 62 or $1.12 million at age 56. The group's computations assume that Weiner started his pension when he served as a congressional staffer for Sen. Chuck Schumer.
    In addition, NTU notes that members also participate in a Thrift Savings Plan, which allows lawmakers to rake in matching contributions from taxpayers. "NTU estimates he may have as much as $216,011.96 in accumulated TSP assets," the organization reported.
    It's a rule that all former members, even those convicted of felonies, may receive their pension funds.
    That's right--and the plum pension will go out to all members of Congress, even those who opposed the payments in the first place.
    Consider, for example, the case of former Republican Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio, who was jailed on charges relating to his dealings with disgraced superlobbyist Jack Abramoff. Ney had actually voted against permitting pension benefits to members of Congress convicted of a felony relating to their official duties, the St. Louis Dispatch reported in 2006.
    That reform failed to pass. But as things turned out, Ney would soon be the beneficiary of Congress' failure. Ney pled guilty in 2006 to to conspiracy and making false statements in connection to the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. He served 17 months of his 30 month sentence--and today, he's eligible to draw from his pension fund.
    For the moment, Weiner's employment future is unknown.
    The congressman has not announced any specific job plans. Several news analysts have noted this week that Weiner, who has spent his entire adult working life in and around Capitol Hill, may have trouble finding a job.
    But financial disclosures indicate Weiner has a large stock portfolio and other assets to lean on.
    And it appears that Weiner's salacious scandal is even attracting some potential employers.
    Hustler founder Larry Flynt on Thursday in an open letter offered Weiner an unspecified job at Flynt Management Group, LLC and a 20 percent raise.
    Weiner had reportedly been offered a cameo role in HBO's "Entourage, but executive producer Doug Ellin said Friday that he was just kidding-- no role has actually been offered to the former congressman.
    UPDATE 1:40pm EST: "Entourage" executive producer Doug Ellin says he isn't seriously considering giving Weiner a cameo role.
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    ah, more stuff to distract the sheeple. (Got to love RT, better coverage in US eventhough they are Russian??? OMG we are being invaded!!!)

    yep, it's a travesty that he's got a golden parachute.

    But where is the news about what constitutional rights is the executive / legislative branches trying to usurp now? How about the federals trying to abscond with the states rights.

    Oh wait shiny things .. Is American Idol on tonight?
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    I gotta wonder if it's worth being THAT publicly humiliated for a million bucks. Well, after unemployment for a year and never knowing where the rent is coming from, it would be tempting. Then again, nobody wants to see me in my skivvies.
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    No worries, it's only money. :rolleyes: Might not live to scoop it up if he keeps pissing women off. [beer]
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    I'd still like to know what his wife is thinking of all of this. She might just quietly divorce his azz like Maria Shriver is to her pig of a husband.
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