Thought this was a novel idea, for canned food storage

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    Saw this, the other day (don't recall where), and thought it was a novel idea, for storage of your canned least, in a pantry, where perhaps you don't keep as much.

    Two problems that immediately come to mind:
    1. while you CAN (no pun intended) stack more than one high, I don't think I'd do it that often. Nothing worse, than opening your pantry door, and having a heavy can land on your toe! :eek:
    2. this wire shelving is expensive! Maybe, if you were doing a project, and had some left over, or were taking some out of a closet, the cost wouldn't be too bad?

    Also, it would be nice, if you could make it more than one level, where you could feed newer cans in the top, and have them drop down, as you pulled from the bottom. I'm sure there's a way to do it....I'm just drawing a blank, right now! :rolleyes:

    wire shelving.
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    Please do not let my OCD wife see this...
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