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    I have been talking with a friend who is an electrical engineer about turning a 40ft. container into a garage/vehicle faraday cage. He feels that is very viable and with not too much extra work to the container. If any of you resident guru's have any input, I would love to hear your thoughts.
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    Just wait for BTpost to get up .. He will let u know all about it ...
    Just listen !!!!
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    Kellogg, Brown and Root turned them into CHUs/FEMA trailers.....sure it's feasible.
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    There is ONLY ONE Issue with a Conex Box as a Faraday Cage..... and is the Door Seals..... Will work very well with any Frequency from DC 2 Ghz, but above that the Rubber Seals on the doors are going to LEAK, like a Sieve. This is, also, where a good percentage of the EMP Burst Power is going to be concentrated. If you ReDesign the Door Seals, and remove the rubber, and replace it with a Conductive Material, then, you might just have something.
    Only way to tell is to do a Spectrum Sweep, after the ReDesign, and see where you are. Of course it will ALSO depend on where the EMP Burst is, in relation to the Box. Distance, Elevation of Burst, Direction the Doors are Facing, and Terrain, between the Burst and the Box. ......
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    dont forget about the vent in the side ...
    will this thing need to be burried ???
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    Buried, That would depend on how well the Door Seals are reEngineered... Burying would certainly increase the isolation. Most straight Conex Boxes do not have Vents... Except if they are Refer or Freezer boxes, then they will have Vents....

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    Thank you BTPost. I got a guy who can get me one really cheap (2K) for a new one delivered. I just talked to my fabricator and he said he would help me redo the doors as well. First and most important right now is theft resistance of the goods inside. Then EMP proof it. As I live in an apartment with no garage, I need this for storage more then anything. My wife wants my 30 surfboards, 20+ fishing rods out of the house and off the walls so, This will make her happy.
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    BT im not one to argue but i have a few with little vents in them ... Maybee we installed them later but im pretty sure they came ith them but anyway ...

    so it can be done ... i new u would be the man with the answers...
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    BT what about the floor boards ...
    does something have to be done with them ?
  10. ghrit

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    Check the bottom. I've seen them with wood over steel, and I think that's the way they are all done. Steel floors will not hold up to forklifts, the wood is there as a sacrificial surface.
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    the ones i have worked with have had heavy c channel installed were the forklift holes arebut i can remember about the rest of the floor ...
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    "Over ground" it. The local telephone company went around putting in about a dozen ground rods at every pod instead of just one a few yrs back. Said it was for EMP protection plus lightning hits. Do not have my "cage" (metal box) grounded but it is isolated from any conductive surface. Will be grounding it shortly.
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    I have seen containers that were simply wooden floored, and would shy away from them, solely due to the fact that if you have local colonies of termites, they'll look at that wood like a veritable feast. Hell, when I lived in Guam, they'd not only eat the floors out of containers, they'd eat the cellulose out of any cardboard boxes stored inside! :eek:

    Steel floored containers usually have a lateral rib every so often, which makes them able to deal with small forklifts that would fit inside. Some are vented, but a good copper mesh material across the face of the vent should mitigate the EMP effects, I believe, so long as it's in contact with the steel material of the container.

    Same goes with the door seals. In fact, you could keep the original doors in place, with seals, to act as a weather/moisture barrier, and also make it look more "natural" (some built in camoflage, so to speak), then have it where you weld some framework just inside those doors, and have secondary doors that will mitigate the EMP effectively, AND give you another layer of security too.

    Another thing to remember, if you're completely burying a container, is that while you might see container cargo ships with the containers stacked up high as you can imagine, the weight of those containers is pretty much all centered on the CORNERS of the containers, NOT across the entire top. If you pile too much weight on top of that container, in the form of dirt or gravel, you WILL see some bowing of the sheet metal at the top, toward the center of the container. The floors are incredibly strong.....the roofs? Not so much!
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    So is it possible to just cage spare parts for a vehicles electronics easy?
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    i just check 6 containers and all had vents ...
    im goin to the container place tommorw ill let u know what else i find out
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    If you search (top right box of the page) "faraday cage" you can find some more info and links to other threads that may answer your ?
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