Thoughts on the new Army All Purpose Camo?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by magnus392, Aug 9, 2005.

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    Such as this???
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    I had a pair of jeans like that in the late 70's. They were called
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    Woodland, when new, just looks dark at a distance. OD was developed by the Army as the hardest color to see on the north American Continent. It was a blend or green, brown and black. Of, course we haven't fought a war on this continent since then, but, you never know. The new pattern will work better in a folaige type environment, and passably well in desert. It will work very well in some of the Saudi and high American desert . I am curious about buttons, pocket arrangement, etc, if you have a link.
  4. magnus392

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    I think most of it is Velcro, that pick is from They seem to be the most up-to-date guys on this stuff.
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    What do you want to know? I bought my first set and have them all pimped out ready for duty. They are extremely comfortable, well thought out and once you get over the new look are really quite workable. It is a COMBAT uniform and functions very well in that fashion.
  7. magnus392

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    what about the velcro as aposed to buttons? Any worries about noise? What about over all blending ability in the Arabian environment?
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    I always thought Velcro was a non-issue. Tactically, if someone is close enough to hear your pocket opening, you need to freeze or have your thumb on your M16 safety, not reaching for smokes. I read some of the description, I like the slant pockets like the old OD green jungles, you can get to stuff easier wearing LCE or flak vest. 66 , is the waist still button/take/up tabs/? Knees and elbows reinforced?
  9. Clyde

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    I wouldn't mind having a velcro fly. I tired of getting "bitten" by the zipper. :oops:
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    Clyde, I wish I had your problem!!!

    As for the uniform, yes, it is velcro and zippered. They only buttons are on the fly (just for you Clyde). Everyone talks about the velcro making noise, I am with Ghostrider. You and I are in a foxhole and the enemy is walking up to our claymore and you open a pocket for a smoke, I am going to butstroke you!
    The reason for the zipper and velcro is because when you wear body armor, buttons get pressed into your skin, causing compression points or "hotspots" Since you are wearing body armor, it is easier to slip a hand under the armor, split the velcro with a couple fingers and reach in for the map or wifes picture than undoing the armor, unbuttoning the pocket, and reaching in. As for the zipper, they have found that heavy dutty YKK zippers lay flat and don't press into your skin as bad as buttons. Our ABDU flight suits have had zippers for ever and I have never had a problem with it functioning and never had a problem with "hotspots"
    The sleeve pockets have a piece of IR tape on them so that they are easier to identify with NV. A lot of people don't like the mandarin collar, but if you ever wear a vest, you will know how uncomfortabale it is to have the vest edge ride up along your neck. The collar is designed to help stop that.
    The elbow and knee reinforcement areas are actually pockets that you can put foam pads in for instant knee and elbow pads.
    The trouser cargo pockets are slanted and velcroed. They also have a elastic band to help hold the top of the pocket to your leg if you fill it with weight.
    Like I said earlier, it is a functional COMBAT uniform. Doesn't work great as a garrison "show off that I can pay to starch my uniform" uniform. Matter of fact, it is forbidden to starch this uniform. I don't agree with the pin on crap, but I am sure that will change soon. I also don't like the velcro name tapes, but that is a throwback from the SF guys. I think that will eventually go away also.
  11. 155gunner

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    I haven't seen it in person because all the troops at Ft. Sill still wear the woodland or desert BDU's. Personally I think it looks awful and the camo seems like it would not blend in anywhere, but if it does work as planned and is an all-around, versatile camo then who cares what it looks like. I also think the Army is trying to one-up the USMC MARPAT. I don't know why we need different pattern camo for different branches of service. Just as an aside, the Army was still transitioning from the green utility fatiques to BDU's when I was getting out in '84, so I spent most of my time in the non-camo fatiques instead of BDU's. We managed to do a pretty good job of camouflaging ourselves in the field with the utilities, but it was a simpler time back then. ;)
  12. sniper-66

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    I just got back from my trip to Texas and I wore my ACU's. Got into a discussion with a LTC that wore them in Iraq and I asked the question about all the velcro name tapes and all. When you go to the laundry, you don't turn in Mr. Snipers uniform, you turn in a Large Regular. They turn around, grab a Large Regular and hand it back to you. You velcro your name and patches back on and viola, no three day wait at the laundry. If another soldier comes to the unit with three full sets and snuffy over here lost two of his in a mortar attack, you can cross level uniforms instantly and not worry about soldier number ones fruit salad messing it up. Makes sense to me. Oh, also why the pin on badges
    As I was sitting in Dallas waiting for my flight in the front row seat in front of the counter, another gentleman went up and tried to exchange his first class ticket for my seat. The lady said that they had an extra seat for me and would have given it to me, but she didn't see me sitting there, so as for effectiveness of the cammo, I guess it works in an airport environment at least!!!!
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    velcro on ACU's

    hi all ,

    the new ACU uniform does look very good ,
    although i have yet to wear a set or even own a set the only problems i can make out is the age old problem with velcro ,

    velcro does attract S**T in the hook and in the loop sides ,
    more worrying than that is the fact that (i dont know if anybody has ever noticed but) when closing or opening pockets , pouches , bags etc which utilise velcro there is a nasty side effect ,

    STATIC , static electricity is produced and is very easily spotted by anybody with a half good set of NOD's/NVG's strapped to there heads,
    kind of like watching the angel like halo produced by a helicopter coming in to land ,
    field trials with the british armys PLCE webbing concluded that the velcro sections on the insides of the pouches were to have a "retaining cover" sewn to all items to firstly abolish the noise associated with opening and closing velcro at night (we all know noise travells 60-70% further at night) and the risk of detection with NVG ,

    but still , velcro is and allways will be a great item on any uniform or item of personal kit as it wont rot , fall off , or break (though occasionally becoming brittle at low low temperatures) ,
    i know this for a fact from past exp using it in norway in the late 1990's ,

    the ACU gear is deffinately a step in the right direction as far as field gear goes in my opinion ,
    the use of the layering effect with the US armys new gear is an old tried and tested solution which works extremely well ,
    seems the Us mil has taken it to a whole new level and with the introduction of modern meterials and fabrics has a set of field gear most guys would kill for ,

    great stuff ,

    sorry for the rant folks ,
    im new to the forum , im dave , im a limey , and HAD 12 years in so i half know what i talk about :)
    the other half comes direct from the voices.............................

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    Welcome aboard aviationlifesupport. Don't worry about the rant. We're always interested in opinions and insight.
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    Bub! You made it aboard. ALS is my bud that just visited the states. Good guy, but took a case of Lime-Away to get the smell out of my house [beer]
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    :shock: :lol:
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    hey mate ,

    couldnt resist goining the board ,
    seems i might as well spread the word , i use it , sell it , and deal it , so talking about kit seems a par of the course , glad to be here :)
    even if i got the mother of all cases of post holiday blues.........

    lime away , ha ,
    did you punish the naughty rifle for "biteing" me ha ha

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    Actually, I am cleaning it and telling it that it is a good boy right now!
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    bad gat

    ha ha bet you are ,

    bout time you cleaned some damn hardware ,

    did you get my mail about the sure fire with the picatinny rail mount thinggy ?

    my mail has been playing me up on a few addresses ?
    damn yahoo to hell !

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