Thoughts on the new Army All Purpose Camo?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by magnus392, Aug 9, 2005.

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    hey melbo ,

    cheers moite !
    much obliged for the warm welcome :)

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    Hello all, I just found this forum. It's nice to find someplace that hasn't been ruined by GK yet.

    Anyway, the ACU's seem like a great design for a combat uniform. The pattern also seems good for the desert. However, just getting back from BNCOC, I can say that the OPFOR wearing ACU's stuck out like sore thumbs in the woods. I think it is because it is so light colored. The old wisdom was always to walk through the woods avoiding the patches of sunlight, but this new uniform always puts you in that patch of sunlight.

    As they say, the Army always trains to fight the last major war it fought. Up until the past few of years, training changed from World War II and Korea to Vietnam. Now, training is changing to Iraq/Afghanistan. So, by the time the Army is outfitted and trained for the desert and cities of Iraq/Afghanistan, we will be back driving tanks through the woods near Pyongyang!
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    ACU gear

    hi capn ,

    well noted , and true !

    from one newbie to another welcome to the group ,
    its ok in her ,

    who is GK ?

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    I'm just giving my 2 cents worth ( not I don't give back change).
    I thing the ACU sucks. The tan boots and black beret what were they thinking? They could not come up with a pattern on their own so they stole it from the Marines. Now I'm an army guy. I prefer woodland. I hope I didn't offend anyone I'm just giving my 2 cents :D
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    No offense taken. Woodland works beautifully... in a woodland environment, sucks everywhere else. Desert three color only works in the sands of the middle east, so that is why the ACU. From what I have seen, they work good in urban and desert. They don't work to bad in open plains either, the sage look is no different than the one piece flight suit. They work moderately well in patchy snow environments, so again, woodland is the only place they suck and they don't suck as bad as some other designs. They are wanting to get away from several uniforms and this was it. By the way, the Army was working on the digital pattern long before the Marines came out with their MARPAT, so they didn't steal it from anyone.
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    camo patterns

    hey chaps ,

    the age old problems with camo patterns ,

    if you ask me i think one of the best ever patterns of field gear was plain old OD green (or what us limeys called OG green)
    back in the mid to late 1970's when we were still issued with "greens" it was a great universal colour ,
    put simply if you wear olive green around any type of urban area you are less likely to stick out like a bull dogs nut bag than if you would wearing ANY type of cammo ,

    remember blending in with your soroundings is one of the basic rules of camouglage and concealment ,

    also with the old greens they tend to pick up all the crap and dirt from the floor ,
    many times i have been on EX weather it was in the hot and dry plains of BATUS (camp crowfoot / medhat canada) or in the wet freezing areas of otterburn and sennybridge ,

    in the summer the dust and grit will coat the greens and blend em in nicely with the sorounding enviroment as will the mud and sludge of the winter terrane ,
    even od green/og green will change drastically when wet ,

    the old trick of dulling things down ,
    if you were like me the first thing you did when you got into the field or even in camp was to find a nice big fat juicey tank rut of puddle to go and jump in to kill the shiney boots :)

    the ACU gear and the MARPAT gear is a sensible idea in the world of camoflage but with everything else it will blend in nicely in some theatres of op's and stand out in others ,
    its up to the guy wearing it at the end of the day to make sure he is as less of a target as he can possibly be ,
    remember the 5 S's and the M


    damn lets face it ,
    if they issued a uniform made out of hessian / burlap from old sandbags it would work just as well :)

    personally there is only 3 main features i look for in any uniform / field gear ,
    it has to be comfortable , it has to be hardwearing , and it has to have big pockets , cos lets face it you can never carry all the gear you need in your belt kit or day sack :)

    wise words once spoken to me by one of my first instructors were -

    "you must learn to live with what you carry on your back"

    "you have to be able to fight with what you carry round your waist"

    "you must be able to survive with what you carry in your smock / jacket"

    wise words , never let me down ,

    just my two "pennys "worth ,
    sorry for jumping in chaps but i hadnt posted for some time [loco]

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    Well, welcome back. Good words to live by. [beer]
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    ACU gear

    hey snipes ,

    good to be back ,
    been reeeaaallllllllllllyyy busy tapeing helmets and sewing friggin vests mate ,

    wont be long before i start work on the old ANVIS-9 goggles ,
    just found a good supplier of the black ANVIS-9 soft packs for them to sit in too :)

    famous words to live by hmmmmmmmm.....
    let me see......

    GIT 'R DONE !!!!!!!!!!! b::

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    How is that pronounced in the UK davey? Or did you pick up that Gem of American sub-culture while you were here?

    Better yet, I'd love to hear you say it!
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    larry the cable guy , alive and kicking in the UK !

    hey melbo ,

    ah i have watched and loved larry for the past 3 years ,
    i have some mates at lakenheath air base and mildenhall air base here in the UK ,

    appart from letting me go on base to take pics and rape the commisary and BX they introduced me to larry the cable guy and the others from the blue coller comedy tour ,
    ron white , bill angvil , jeff foxworthy ,
    exellent stuff !

    if only the US and the UK lingo and slang were a bit more widespread i think i would be a blast ,

    heh heh im sure sniper picked up some catchy phrases while i was there ,
    POOPER and DIRT BOX to name but a couple ,

    GIT ' R DONE !!!!!!!!!!
    "lord i appologise , me and the starving pygmies down in new ginuea" [winkthumb]

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    Ask him about Ghost Chickens! :D
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    dreaded ghost chickens

    heh heh



    dude im still crawling on the floor since i heard that ! :lol: [ROFL]
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    See, I learn something everyday. I thought "git r Done" was just something the RedNeks put in the gun racks of their Pick Ups when their rifles were banned. I never knew of a Larry the Cable Guy.

    Now it all makes sense [stoner]
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    hey melbo ,

    heh heh exellent !
    i suppose "git r done" was one thing they could put in there during a gun ban ,
    another one could have been "VICTIM" ,

    i wouldnt have thought bubba would have taken lightly to having his rifles banned ,

    dude , you gotta go on ebay and buy larry the cable guys DVD or the blue coller comedy tour (and the second one) blue coller comedy tour rides again !

    will be the funniest thing you have seen for a long time (appart from the e-mails going around showing all the filthy rag heads getting drilled in the head in iraq) :lol:

    now thats funny , i dont care who you are ha ha

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