Three Gas Mask Identifications

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  1. lilturk726

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    Hey all, I recently picked up three gas masks at a flea market the other day and I'm not sure about all of their origins. I know one is definitely US Military, but the other two I'm not so sure. The gentlemen said that two were US Military but he was also unsure of the third's origin.

    I'm going to put a link to the pictures of all three, and if anyone could help I'd really appreciate it, thanks.

    I hope this works...

  2. techsar

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    Top is US M17 (not A1 - no drinking tube)
    Middle is German SchM41M (looks to have eyelens outserts installed)
    Bottom is Israeli Civilian gas mask...IIRC, Shalon is the mfg. 40mm NATO filter port

    See later post for correction on middle mask...
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  3. lilturk726

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    Wow, thanks for the fast reply. I really appreciate it.

    Would you happen to know what the S-02/85 stamp is on the German SchM41M?
  4. techsar

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    85 is most likely the year is was produced...not certain on that, but it is the right era.

    BTW, Welcome to the Monkey Tree! Don't forget to do an intro post [eek3]
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  5. -06

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    Check by surplus stores for spare sealed filters.
  6. lilturk726

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    Thanks again, I thought that's what the 85 meant. Well since that is my birth year that mask just got a little more interesting to me.

    Sure, I can do an intro post :)
  7. lilturk726

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    Do you think they work? Or do you mean just to complete the set? I just assumed they were broken.
  8. Yard Dart

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    To have one working gas mask in your kit is awesome..... complete them all with the proper filters and test to see if any work properly. If all three work, that is a major win!!
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  9. techsar

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    Stretch the rubber around all of the edges...if there is any cracking, the mask is unserviceable, but still would be a nice display item.
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  10. techsar

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    It also seems I made a glaring error on the ID of the center mask. It should be a Czech apologies.
  11. lilturk726

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    Thanks, I'll do that!
  12. lilturk726

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    Yeah I think the M17 has some slight cracking. To be honest though I'm kind of partial to the M10M , so I grab a filter for that one and the civilian mask.

    No worries. I appreciate the reply wither way, without it I would have no idea about any of them.
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