Thwarted attack....or not?

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    Once again, the "scrappers" are out in number and they were up at my land. Fortunately a "neighbor" was in the area and saw a gold and white GMC daully pickup converted to a tow truck, driving in the area with NO license plate! They managed to get within feet of my trailer, got out walked around ( casing the place?) and then departed.
    2 deputies were dispatched as I informed the county sheriff's office (dispatch) I was FED UP with this and it would stop!
    They responded but it took them well overan hour and a half. Their office is located some 70 miles east, and then they have to negotiate really nasty roads for at least another 7 miles. I spent a lotof time on the phone with the lead deputy, trying to find the right road and NOT get lost out there. It's a real maze of roads that looks like a spider web! No signs. The signage was taken long ago to cover one guy's barn. Then another idiot came along and cut down all the posts to use for his fence.
    But they did find that I had had some"visitors, the deputies got good photos of the dually's tire tracks, the boot prints and all....The trailer was ransacked ( as it was from "PRIOR" visitors.) The door as pried open and
    they drug out some junk.....But just 1/4 mile away on the side of the western mountain, sat a fresh pile of aluminum siding taken off at least 2 mobile homes and ready to be hauled away.
    I was told that 4-5 times a week "scrap loads" are taken from the area, to one of 3 places. The Sheriff's officers know this, the locals know that they know, and yet to date: NOT ONE has been stopped!
    The deputies kept in constant contact with me for well over 2 hours, and I had to assist them in getting back out of the area.
    My thoughts: at least some are trying to catch the bad guys...some don't seem to care.
    I have information and have seen stolen items from one site, that I know who took what ...I did not see them take the items, so the information is useless to the Sheriff's office. I know that 3 people have taken 5 solar panels, 4-6 batteries, 2 invertors, 2 water pumps, 2 massive water tanks, 1 huge poly septic tank, and even a propane refrigerator! (3 months ago).
    That's a LOT of money to lose! I tried to contact the owners that live here, out west in the town of Tonopah, but no number was found!
    It's insanity sometimes! (most of the time).
    Now just lately, I see that some are putting in 6-8 foot tall fencing and gates...that has yet to stop anyone!
    Too many people allow their "neighbors"to come over ( breaking any and all OPSEC) and get "freindly" with their dogs. I have tried to warn several people that doing so was a BAD IDEA! Somethings never change....So, the scrappers and thieves will continue on....unthwarted.
    Like the old saying: "locks only keep the honest people honest"!
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    We are having a run of it here too, they are killing us the scrappers are taking flat beds and going on peoples property hooking up vehicles and taking to the crusher. We have had several tractors stolen and crushed and one poor guy last month came home and foud six classic cars he was planing on fixing up to sell at car show's. I've been telling people to put up game cams they work great and have good pic's. The guy that lost his car's put three up and the guy that stole his car's came back to get a couple more and the cam's got him and his vehicle. I managed to get the guy charged with six felonies and reported him to social security he get disability and the pic's helped with that too. The fed's are wanting to charge him and force him to pay back.
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    The people I have helped up north, now have multiple cameras, dvd recorders, and the camera systems that send a recording to their emails and cell phones.
    ( up to 5 different external sources)
    But that's no guarantee! The bad guys are getting smarter....they are watching and keeping track of when people are home, what days they go for water and groceries and supplies. Now most people are alternating days and always leave one person at home....
    Dogs worked at first....but not anymore, as they come by and throw meat over the fences, and the dogs now like the bad guys!
    I tried to explain they need to train their dogs NOT to eat anything thrown to them, by anyone outside the home. No one seemed to pay much attention.
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    It took me awhile of working with and having a buddy come by and throw stuff in the yard and after some hot sauce, then lemon soaked meat they don't take anything from people. which I don't let anyone around the dog's family or friends when they come to visit I lock them up. Some people will never see that people aren't like they were 25 years ago. Now they just want to steal other peoples stuff rather than work for it and I fear with the econemy now we are fixing to see it get alot worse.
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    Scrapers are a it is so bad they are pulling down telephone wires and live power wire for the copper.the pull down the phone wires first so no calls go out about the power loss. a tow company was busted a while back for randomly picking up cars off the street and hauling them to the scrapyard.
    The cops started background checks on all tow drivers after that.
    the courts are so backed up they know they can plead out to time served.
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    I know I hate that when I bust my hump to get a good collar and then they plea it out. Not only with the court systems here being backed up the jail bill eat my dept up we pay an average of $25k to $30k a month. What bothers me the worst is some of the citizens don't understand is they come to court and help prosecute them and then see them walking the street two days later. They don't understand it's not the LEO's fault it's he court's and a money issue. Now me personaly I would fire up the electic chair or build a gallows infront of the court house and take care of the lifer's which would make room and remove some of the burden. Then the rest I would bring back county work farms if they eat they work for it.
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    Here many of the cellular towers are being hit. The Sheriff's officers set up a 6 person, 2 man teams to stake out several areas they knew would be next on the "list". They got 3 guys and a week later they were out, Then my son caught 2 of them coming back from a suicide near Kingman.We were talking and suddeenly his signal dropped. He had just passed a tower and the bad guys were in there!
    A few months ago, they caught 2 guys stealing the brass fixtures for commercial automatic fire sprinkler systems! They were back out and busy, less than 3 days later....I agree, it's NOT the LEO's, it's the judges, the courts, the corrupt attorneys and it's just starting.....The jails are full and since these individuals pose no "VIABLE THREAT", such as in violent offenders, they are released, many times on their own recognizance! They continue....
    I can only say that IF and WHEN the "rule of law" goes out the window, those perps will be dealt with quite harshly. I know of 5 people up in northern Arizona that should be locked up...But I for one cannot see feeding, providing medical, education, and even more to these cretins.
    Forgive me, for I am biased like many ways!
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  8. beast

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    theres only one real way to stop a thief from stealing
    put him to sleep...permanently
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    When they get really bold, fences and gates won't even slow them down....
    When things go sideways, they, just as we know, there won't be any LEO's coming. Then things will get serious. I already have been shot at onmy own land, and just a day ago another person that was up checking on my land had a sudden encounter with someone on the mountain that fired a warning shot ( or they are really lousy shots) 10 feet from his front tire. Being unarmed he got out of theire and called me and in tun I called the Sheriff's office, it did little, as the distance to be traveled on a good day is in excess of 70 miles one way. The bad guys know this, and they TOO have scanners!
    Yeah this is getting worse, and just wait until they get hungry, not just for their drug habits! I now know of 2 people that have decent driveway alert units (hidden) to alert them IF someone is approacjhing...BUT only from their main drive. That's not good, due to the very nature of the landscape, you can avoid those alarms by moving 20 feet to either side. If you figure a single parcels is somewhat square: 290 x 300 feet...that's a LOT of open area to get "HIT" from. The barbed wire up there is so far apart, this old fart can easily bend and slip thru the strands with little effort!
    Now if I can do it, what can a younger, healthier, and really determined perp do? Yeah, it's time to get serious about your perimeters.
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    I hesitate to suggest 'violence', but if a few of these perps 'disappeared' maybe the crap would be slowed down........

    We're lucky down here..... swamps, gators....... [stirpot]
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    I was considering a MOAT! But the weather would be bad for the gators!
    Too hot and too dry in the summers, and way too cold in the winters....
    Now IF I could only find some gator's or maybe some tropical fish that could be adapted to the seasons up there.....
    It's too bad they had to shoot all those critters in Ohio.....I'd love to have a Guard Cat or 2 or 12.......! Lots of caves and abundant food (natives) up there for them. But I'd hate to make an animal sick after eating some of those weirdo's!
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    It is amazing, considering Arizona has Castle Laws, that none of these scum have been "skimmed from the gene pool".
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    Dragonfly, another thing that they have been stealing up here is Solar Panels and Inverters. Val in Snowflake said it is really on the rise. Better watch your solar stuff. I think I would "hard wire" mine were I you.
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  14. Alpha Dog

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    [flm]A moat with hungry rattler or copper heads would work well with pungie stick's. It would slow some of it down if they had to start carrying them out in body bags and I'd be like vlad the impaler I would inpale them on stake near a highway just for all the rest to see. That's the problem they low lifes know their is no punishment for what they do. I think I was born centuries to late.
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    dragonfly, just how difficult is it to dig a nice hole on your property? A little S,S, and S, could go a long way and slow the bad guys down some...just sayin'
  16. Alpha Dog

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    Dragonfly could put a pile of dirt across his dive way and leave two shovel's and a sign ( now hiring ) that would stop them and they would never come back.
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    I am always in fear that some one will break into my garage.not because they might steal my bikes but because i an a silly lazy man and have stored my methyl alcohol for my camp stove in a old vodka bottle.its half filled so it looks like I'm just a drunk when I'm pulling wenches in the garage.i fear they may drink my camp fuel..and have to go the the hospital..or the morgue.but for some reason i just can't find the time to buy a proper bottle for my camp fuel....
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    Actually, It is a Federal Felony to destroy, or render unusable, a Common Carrier Radio Device, that is in operation. 10 years, in the Federal GrayBar Hotel, and $10KUS fine for each individual Device. Violation of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.... Rarely prosecuted, but still on the Books... and a very straight forward Statute. Someone needs to get the local Federal Prosecutor, in on these Guys.... would sure put a stop to this kind of stuff in a hurry. ...... YMMV.....
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    Magic Word

    This post is for educational information only:
    Do not attempt to create or place upon the ground as an area of denial.

    google it.
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    The problem is the people that run the prosecutor's offices here!
    They don't want to be bothered! My son has done hours of work on cases, found the perps, and then gets shot down as the county prosecutor doesn't want to waste the time to try a case!

    We have gathered a lot of large rocks and put them around the outside of my land to stop vehicles, but IF we can move them, so can they, and they did!
    Then we went and used all the fallen trees we could find and actaully took the time and effort to interlace them like an Abatis, and used those...
    well, at least until the locals came by and cut them up and hauled them away for free firewood!
    Solar panels have to not only be hardwired, they also have to be screwed down with either one way (security) screws, or the frames are welded such as mine, and then the frames are bolted to the roof. (thru bolts!)
    I have caltrops! I made mine of 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 inch rebar, ( 9 inches to 18 inches height) all welded nice and solidly. Some of them are made into 6 and 8 foot sections using rebar welded on 2 sides to hold them in line, others are welded to heavy chains that are 12 foot long. I also made a few of 12 inch spikes. I made some (20) that are 24 inches tall, made of some scrap stainless steel angle, that are cut at sharp angles, then sharpened by a hand grinder to a razor's edge. Then I bought a lot of nails at a fleamarket, made a jig or fixture for bending them and now have 300- 6inch tall caltrops with barbs. I cut off the heads and sharpened them.( hammering those flat on an anvil is a LOT of work) then they have to be hand sharpened by file or grinder!
    The problem with all of this is, that if it isn't anchored well, it will disappear! The scrappers have battery operated saws and grinders and cut thru locks and chains like butter! ( and there are a couple out there in a beat up old Ford truck that carry an oxy-acetylene rig!) I was considering 3/8 inch diameter aircraft cable, but I saw that it can be cut as easily with a battery operated hand grinder....almost twice as fast as a chain!
    Yesterday, an abandoned cadillac ( stolen from Texas ) that was up on the hill side (which I reported), was turned over on it's top, the motor, front suspension components, transmission, and rear axle was removed. It is going to the scrap yards....BUT for some "unknown" reasons, the local agencies have refused to go there.....Everything that disappears up there goes to one of 3 scrap yards. Like a lady that went to visit a friend in Seligman some 35 miles west....her "park style" trailer ( not a 5th wheel), was taken in broad daylight, and hauled down a major paved road, amd just disappeared. The Sheriff's offices of 2 counties where this occurred never responded to one of the calls from people reporting it! That is becoming more and more the "norm" up there! It's going to get UGLY, or should I say NASTY!?
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