Time Enough at Last

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by melbo, Oct 19, 2007.

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    Plan for this.
    Prepare for that.
    Foresee a problem,
    Plot a solution.

    I run circles around myself sometimes trying to cover all my bases in this game/hobby/interest I call Survival. Just when I think I have it all figured out I find a crack in my armor and have to start over again. and again. etc

    I look at our world right now: Oil busting $90 a barrel. Dollar at record-near free fall-all time lows. Gold at 28 yr high. War everywhere. Staph infection Superbug. Bird Flu. War on Terror. Police Brutality. Economic engine running out of gas. Peak oil. NWO. Social and moral depravity. Men raping 3 yr olds. Corruption on every level of .Gov and authority. That was just todays Newspaper.

    How the heck can you try to stay ahead of all this? How can you afford it? If I had a couple spare million, I might be able to build a castle somewhere and escape it all. Would that really solve my fears? What kind of a life would that be? You might be able to prepare for everything and spend the rest of your life hiding in a hole somewhere. I'm starting to get the feeling that I'd much rather go down fighting. Or at least living and interacting with others.

    I'm starting to question the stockpiles of everything around me. From disposable shaving razors to gallons of hand sanitizer. I'm starting to wonder if maybe we were created for a higher purpose than being able to shake up a permanent magnet flashlight, peer into a signal mirror and shave our beards. I think I can finally understand Rawles in Patriots. I could never figure out why his group had a percentage of all their food, guns, etc to give away as charity. Now I see it clearly. It's better to live right than to survive. It's better to be obedient than to survive. Survival in a vacuum is not really living.

    IMHO, True survival is bringing the community along with you so you can all survive.

    Remember the Twilight Zone episode with the last man alive on Earth? It was called "Time Enough at Last" The man's name was Henry Bemis. He loved to read and now had all the time in the world to read. He dropped his glasses walking into the Library and that was that.

    The best laid plans of mice and men.

    You know something else? 50ish years from now I'll be dead anyway. Is all of this constant vigil and watching and reacting to things that

    A) will more than likely never come to pass,

    B) will wipe me out anyway if they do?

    C) are beyond my control

    My perspective has changed since my newest daughter was born. I still go through the motions but my heart is really into getting to know Emma and watching her develop more than the rest of this.

    If the Tsunami is indeed coming,
    Maybe I should just take a walk on the beach.
  2. AlterEgo

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    I have come to the realization that neither I nor all the people I know have enough money to do everything. Even then after you build your little castle they can just drop a bomb on you if the choose.

    Living in hurricane alley will make a person more aware than most of the rest of the country. Having been through also is like a mini (real) SHTF type deal. People do gather to help each other, but all usually have enough food for a couple of days. Any longer is a dice roll as to what might happen.

    Haven't read Patriots yet. Guess I should. I have read his blog and it comes across in a way that I could never afford to be prepared the way he says we must.

    We (the wife) have pondered this deeply. We care about others who act in kindness to their fellow beings on this rock. The "Obedient" would have to be defined before I can agree or disagree. Granted those who wish to live in a vacuum (and there are many) will expire (my opinion) either from being unable to defend themselves or from total aloneness. Unless they are already living that way (and we wouldn't know them cause they wouldn't surf the net would they). They are very few and far between.

    Ain't that real. So what do you do? Stock away 4 pair of $200 glasses?
    On that same vane the Tom Cruse (not a fan) movie "Vanilla Sky" is a great example of this. The desire to live no matter what, and the results of getting that chance to go back.

    Having been in war, I can assure you that when faced with big obstacles and the real chance of dying the spirit does call out for a relationship with one's Creator. Maybe that is what will save this madness from extinction.

    Good post melbo.

  3. melbo

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    Obedience? I bet you were on the right track...

    John 15:12-17
  4. AlterEgo

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    Been on that track for twenty seven years. The first 30 were enough to convince me that change was needed to be really happy.

    Not that the struggle is easy, when you comptemplate maybe having to take someones life. No doubt protecting family is formost, and someone would rather take on a pissed off cougar than myself. But that doesen't make it any easier.

    My nature is to trust others. To my advantage my Jesus has kept me from being to abused, and even when that happens it usually turns out for the better in the long run.

    But what is aproaching is of a different matter. All folks need to do is read the OT to figure out how GOD treats nations who do not listen, and live by his simple commandments. Who are we as americans, founded and blessed by him to think that when disobedient he will intervine on our behalf. Much repenting will need to be done before we as a nation will be covered by his grace in the future.

    God doesn't punish, he just removes his blessing, and some are about to experience what life without his blessing is soon if they don't repent.

    Either way I know my destiny, and will not falter, no man can kill me, for I have eternal life.

    v 18 "If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. NAS

    Bottom line, yes I will help others in the future, as that is what we have been told to do. What happens, is totally in His hands.

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