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    PEACE 22-25 May 2009 (Memorial Day Weekend)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
    (People enjoying another campraderie experience)

    Peace is a free (rendezvous/gathering) event, open to all. It’s all about camping, survival, knives, the outdoors and meeting like-minded folks for a really good time. This is a family friendly event, children and friendly dogs are welcome but you are responsible for their behavior. You are also responsible for your meals and garbage. What you bring in you bring out. Light drinking is permitted. We have a drinking water source and clean outhouses for your convenience but no showers. You can come for the whole weekend or just a couple of days. What ever fits into your schedule? Some folks even come up a couple of days earlier but I have to warn you that if you come up earlier we may put you to work setting up.
    During the long weekend we have a variety of seminars on survival and the outdoors. Some of the past events were an air rifle shoot, sling shot competition, survival kits, wild plant walk, wilderness first aid, knot tying, fire making contest and a staff slinging competition. Were still planning for this year. Saturday afternoon we will have a swap meet. Bring anything you want to sell or trade that is outdoors related. A potluck supper is planned for Saturday evening. We are always looking for folks who would like to do a seminar or any other ideas to improve this event.
    We also have demonstrations going on during the weekend. The last two years we had Garrick Malone a Flint knapper extraordinaire. Also some dealers will be selling their survival wares at great prices for you.
    We have our own 500 plus acres with plenty of space for tent or RV camping on the grounds but no RV hookups. Don’t forget your folding camp chairs. We also have 4 different fire pits for primitive cooking (if you so desire). Each night we will have a huge campfire to end each evening. Somehow the campfire seems to be the most memorable part of the event.
    Anyone wanting to come can e mail us at weteachu@dishmail.net by April 30<SUP>th</SUP>. We like to have an accurate count. Last year we had over 50 folks.
    Marty & Aggie Simon
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    Time for ANSWERS

    Who are you?

    Where is your event?

    How does anyone here know that it's safe?
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    Re: Time for ANSWERS

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    1st post is an advertisement?

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    PEACE as mentioned is a free event. This is our third PEACE event. Last year we had over 51 people attending. It is in upstate NY on the Canadian border. Check out some of the other forums. I am well known in the survival community as I have been running a survival school up here for 24 straight years. We have 2 free rendezvous a year. I would put the name but you probably would think it was an advertisement. PM me if you have any questions.
    Marty Simon
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