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    Soil testing should really be done before your buy the fertilizer. At least then you will know what kind of nutritions need to be replaced with the fertilizer.

    Go ahead and get your soil tested this time of year as well. If you wait until spring, the local extension office is going to be very busy. Get your soil tested in December - January, maybe the results will be back in a few weeks so when feburary and march rolls around you will be ready to go.

    The last two months (december and november) were the time to buy fertilizer. In Feburary, prices will start to go up as demand goes up. Farmers will start planting their potatoes in feburary, so by the end of January look for prices to start going up a little.

    By the end of February, look for prices to go up about 30% - they did last year. Spring planting will start around March. I usually plant around the Ides of March.

    What happened in 2006 - 2007, from November to March, a 50# bag of 13-13-13 went from $6 to $9 - a 30% increase.

    Right now 13-13-13 is selling for $10.40 - $13.50 for a 50 pound bag, depending on where you get it. I called three different feed stores in town and just got those prices. By March, that 10.40 could easily be $13+. One lady told me that in the last month, 13-13-13 has gone up .50 cents.

    So if you thinking of planting a spring or summer garden go ahead and buy your fertilizer now. I have 200+ pounds of 13-13-13 in the shed, it was bought last year. I will use that in this years garden and replace it with fresh fertilizer.

    Also, if you wait too long to buy fertilizer, the stores might be sold out before you can get any - that happened to me 2 years ago. From November of 2006 - January of 2008, fertilizer has about doubled in price. So it might be wise to stock up for the next year or 2. I might go ahead and buy @400 pounds this month, which should last for at least a year, maybe 2 years.
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    Or just folow the critters around with a shovel and wheel barrow, then you dont have to pay for it at all. lol
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    Yep we just clean out the barn. The goats have been converting hay into fertilizer for the last couple of months. [lolol]

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    The organic fertilizer will produce better quality plants. I just do not have access to a couple of truck loads of the stuff. Maybe one truck load will be all that I can get, and that will be from a neighbor.

    The garden this year might be about an acre square, maybe even up to 3 acres. With the price of food going up, everyone needs some kind of garden.
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    I agree everyone should be planting something!!!

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