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    Where does the time go when it is gone?
    There seems to be no time to play and have fun.
    I've worked it, I've clocked it; I know where it's spent,
    Yet it seems I'm not managing time management.

    The day still revolves the same twenty four hours,
    Yet I've no time to stop and spend time smelling flowers?
    I refuse to give up and damn sure won't give in!
    And I'm sure when I find it, It'll ask where I've been.

    Then time and I will catch up on what I've been missing,
    We'll cry and we'll giggle while we're reminiscing,
    We'll talk about aging - and how well I've done -
    Then roll on the floor laughing (cuz that's a good one)!

    With time, silly wishes will come back in my life,
    I'll still manage my teaching, being a mother and wife.
    The skills that we'll master, the things we'll achieve;
    Accomplishments met that no one can conceive.

    What if time's been here... right here... all along?
    And it's me that's to blame for priorities gone wrong.
    Guess these words have been good for my own introspection,
    Time to get up and get on with the fun resurrection.
  2. ghrit

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    Time keeps on movin' --
    Into the future --
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