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    My 21-year old son will be moving to Anchorage (Elmendorf AFB) very soon and I'd like to pick up some advice and suggestions. He likes to fish and will no doubt take part in outdoor activities.

    It seems (from my internet perusals) that from preparedness perspective, one needs to be prepared for cold weather (obviously), earthquakes, tidal waves/tsunami, volcanoes (ash), power outages, driving in hazardous conditions, and bears (grizzly and brown). Are these the main things from high-level?

    What stuff/gear would you recommend as must-haves? Suggested reading?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. DKR

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    The JBER website covers the base pretty well. He will be issued cold weather gear appropriate for the area.
    From you r list, these are the most common hazards
    Bad driving conditions/drunk drivers/ice on the road

    We just had a 7.0 earth quake, the first major quake in the area since 1964 - so a hazard, but not too often - we are still getting some significant aftershocks, so we are still rock'n

    Tsunami, yet to see one locally - i've been here since 1980. High tides are a real issue, so a local tide book is a must if you are fishing on the coast. STAY OFF OF THE MUD FLATS. (Look it up, plenty of stores of folks stuck in the mud with a rising tide. Tidal range locally of about 45 feet (highest to lowest).

    Volcanoes - been a while. A couple of N-95 dust masks should be enough. If he has his own auto, extra air filters are a must. BTW - auto insurance will be expensive.

    Bear - black bears are like cockroaches on base. See one, you call the fish and fur people, they take care of the bruin. Camping - food storage is a big deal. They have plenty of educational material on bases. They MWR section rents all kinds of gear, so no need to buy a lot of stuff until you've been here a while and really understand what is truly needed.

    Stay out of the EM club on Ft Rich. Bad gang activity there - lots of fights.

    Steer clear of the bar district in downtown. In fact stay out of downtown after dark unless you are with a group. Anchorage is currently rated the most violent city on the West coast. Check KTUUcom or for local crime stories.
    Stay out of Mountain View and Clearview neighbor 'hoods at any time. this owing to active Gang activity

    Ont he plus side
    Lots of good fishing on base - several lakes are stocked and Otter Lake has boat rentals etc.
    The same areas have a lot of black bear activity and there is an active wolf pack working the edge of the base next to Eagle River. So far, only pets have been eaten... Sadly, you cannot carry on the base, so consider a solid hiking staff as minimum equipment.

    Fishing / hiking/camping at nearby Eklutna Lake is good for a small fee. Lots of black and brown bear activity. I carry a 12GA shotty, others may choose to carry bear spray - at a minimum.

    Alaska, like any area of wild-lands, can be a pleasant place to visit and fish/camp - if you understand the hazards involved. The base runs a number of organized trips (for a fee) in the summer that may be of interest.

    Good luck and I hope he enjoys his time here. The long,dark and cold winter 'days' can be a PITA, but the summers are wonderful...
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    Listen to DKR, He has been an Alaskan .MIL for many years and has a good handle on the Los Anchorage area.... If he gets a chance, depending on his MOS, grab an opportunity to go out to one of the Remote Dispersal Fields in the State... King Salmon was always a favorite, for Fishermen, during the Summers...
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    Where do you live at now?
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  5. DKR

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    If that was directed at me - Anchorage. Been trying to convince the wife we should sell and move, no luck so far.
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  6. starbright

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    DKR, thanks for the very detailed reply. Much appreciated.

    oil pan 4, he's currently in south-central Texas.
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    "Stay out of the EM club on Ft Rich. Bad gang activity there...Stay out of Mountain View and Clearview neighbor 'hoods at any time. this owing to active Gang activity"
    Gang activity in Anchorage?!?!? Who would have thought...I'm stunned. I guess I really don't know my country anymore... Please stop the world and let me off...
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    Yea, it has grown in the last Decade, or so, significantly... Not so much elsewhere but the Los Anchorage Politicos coudle them with their liberal Policies... But not so much elsewhere... Mostly fueld with Drug Money....
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    And I thought Anchorage was the where all the really cool people were! I spent several months at Eielson AFB, but nothing south officially! Talk about middle of nowhere! Ditto on what to bring, vs what to get once you get there, lots of advice from "Southerners" but until you are there and have spent some time acclimating, you end up with a bunch of stuff you find you don't need or find there are much better options once you get there! ASK THE LOCALS! For off base adventures, your going to want to be armed, Shotgun or a good big bore pistol at the minimum. I prefer Pistols, lighter and easier to use while doing other things and much faster to get to then a slung long arm! Some folks like a good chest rig, some like hip holsters, it's all about preference!
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    A LONG time back, a classmate of mine tried homesteading in the Chugach when he was stationed at Elmendorf. Then he met his wife.

    Best advice so far is to wait until you get there and collect the local 411. Otherwise, you will be hauling a lot of stuff that won't get much use. Uncle Sam will see you have the minimums.
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    There is an Alaskan Out Door forum much like this one, but mostly locals . I visit the site from time to time ,and there is much to be learned but they can provide further advise .
    So far as the military I know nothing , but from what I've read on the civilian side , If your taking stuff, expect half of it to get broken in transit and don't expect to find replacements . People with furniture sell it just before they return to the lower 48 .
    Every thing is going to cost you more because every thing is shipped there. Foods on particular.
    IMO a wise man does not fallow the crowds nor does he walk the streets alone , especially in unfamiliar territory, tell some one where your going and coming back and be reliable . you may not be able to carry a gun but I'd check into carrying a knife at least. and learn how to use it.
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    You can carry a FireArm, Off Base, as Alaska is a Constitutional Carry State, and we have both a Castle Statute, and a Stand your Ground Statute... Wouldn’t live anywhere that wasn’t, or Didn’t... One reason we moved out of Washington State back in ‘91...

    Those Commiefornia Pussies can’t live up here, like that... and that is Good... Very Good...
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    I was in Elmendorf very briefly back in the Mid-70s. Don''t remember hearing anything like that. Just remember the sun being above the horizon at 3 AM near the beginning of July.
    Looks like BT explained it well - Los Anchorage.
    Says it all.
    And yeah, I live in a CC state. Love it.
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    Expensive - like living at the airport. A $1.00 Micky Dee hamburger is $2.15. The KFC $5 bowl is $8.50.

    Ya, not cheap.
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    Anything made out of wool! It gets chilly up there.
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