Too many guns??

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Hispeedal2, Jul 4, 2010.

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    I know, "no such thing". Well, I think I may have reached that point. I got a little overzealous during the Obama craze. Now I am starting to narrow it a bit. I knew I had a problem when I bought a new, larger safe and there was still some 10 long guns standing in the closet.

    The question one then asks is "how many is enough?" Well, I have enough defensive carbines for everyone in my family. There are 2 spares in case one (or two) goes down. Spare parts are ok, but could use some improvement. I am moving from quantity to higher quality parts and spares.

    I have plenty enough assorted hunting firearms. A couple longer range precision type builds in the works (as in they are working, but I am fine tuning the weight v. precision). This is where I am starting to merge. It's been happening for years. Why have fudd hunting rifles when the tactical rifles work so well. I've been hunting with a SOCOM 16 and now I am using an AR10. Simply change the mag and you get to train on your tactical rifle all season long. I've cut down on fudd rifles/shotguns as much as possible. I still have a couple I could part with.

    I have more handguns than hands in the family at the moment. It's so hard to get rid of a good handgun, though. I mean I have some high quality handguns that were bought at a steal. You can always stash one somewhere else just in case.

    I don't know.... this is a dilemma.
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    It sounds to me that you have your head screwed on straight. Unless your gun purchases have a major negative effect on your other household finances I wouldn't change a thing except get another gun safe so you can safely store all your firearms and have some room for a few more. If the excess handgun thing really bothers you, color code what you consider the excess ones that you could part with and list one or two of them with a higher than market value on gun broker and see if some fool buys it. It could provide funds for some of the other shifting of weapons and parts you were talking about. That's about all I got to say about it. If I have confused you with my rambling, refer to the first sentence. Good Luck, Carry on!
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    This is azranger. Hard to have too many guns, knives, lights, etc. Got any compact 9mm you want to sell? I too have too many rifles, not many tactical ones though. What ar10 do you have and what do you suggest for ar15?
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    I have two AR10s. I have an AR10T (the one I am working on right now) and an AR10 carbine (the one I will deer hunt with this year).

    I don't have any compact 9mms. I got rid of all my 9mms to slimline my pistol calibers. I now strictly shoot 45 ACP, .357 mag, and .44 mag.

    My AR15s are all home builds. I much prefer picking the parts myself. And there is a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing the weapon inside and out to the point where I can fix anything that is wrong with it (nearly).
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    Remember when things fall apart--guns and ammo make great trading items--so you probably are okay with your inventory--
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