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    Does anyone know of a tool for mapping retreat locations in the United States? I'd like to overlay different maps to find the best location. Items like this:
    * Population density
    * Crime per capita
    * Sunshine (for photovoltaics)
    * Precipitation (for gardening)
    * Climate/temperature
    * Gang activity
    * Social security/govt assistance dependency
    * Nuclear reactors
    * Interstates
    * Cities with 100k+ residents
    * Property values
    * Demographics
    * Etc.

    I can find individual maps but a map where I can combine them into one map? Anyone know?

    At the very least I'd like to combine precipitation and population density. I may have to do this one by hand.

    (FYI, here's some of the individual maps.)
    Interesting maps to consider when choosing a retreat location
    One nation, seven sins - Thursday, March 26, 2009 | 2 a.m. - Las Vegas Sun
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    This looks like it might meet most of my needs:
    Map Maker

    Update: Maybe not. It hides important layers rather than blend them. Hmm.
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    You can do this sort of thing easily in mapping software via layers

    I use ArcView, but I'm sure there are other software vendors. There are also marketing companies that will compile this data for a fee.

    If you want this stuff free of charge, you're going to have to work at it. Start with Tiger files to get your maps. Then you just have to start adding in the metadata; a lot of which is available freely via the Census.

    On the bright side, if you figure out a slick way to get all of this into a map, you might be able to sell access to it to recoup the time investment. You should also check out the GoogleMaps API to see how they add metadata.

    Check out a site called HealthMap. They scan newsfeeds and just add that data to Google maps. You could do something similar....adding in "Civil Unrest", crime, etc.
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    Yep....exactly. Now, if you could only add in your own data.
  6. TheEconomist

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    Find somewhere in Western PA...safest most boring place on earth....sigh
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    Yeah I'm a cold weather wuss. Florida native AND hypothyroid. Heater is on 365 days a year in Jacksonville. But I want safe and boring, so other suggestions appreciated :)

    Grateful for everyone's help. Who knows? Maybe I'll build a retreat mapping tool like Guit_fishN suggested.
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    This has potential. From the TIGER files (thanks Guit_fishN).
    TIGERweb (beta)
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    In that case I would look for a few characteristics.

    Somewhere that has:
    With no state income tax and a low cost of living, Tallahassee, Florida, is not only one of the cheapest places to retire in the country but also an ideal place for those living solely off of their Social Security checks.

    I feel that Gulf side is safer that atlatic side...but thats just me. If that doesnt work try somewhere inland in North Georgia, NC, or SC.
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    Just a few miles away. How'd you find that?
  11. TheEconomist

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    I'm a Catholic with the mind of a champion...
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    OK Superman, seriously :rolleyes:

    Love the John 10:16 quote [beer]
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    But no topography layer/overlays.

    You should see all of the stuff I have available in ArcView. You can make 3D maps of city blocks or Yosemite Park if you want.
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    Yeah I'm lookin' at it. They have a 60 day demo. Groovy.
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    Whoa. $1500 for a basic license!
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  17. It is done with cartography software using layers.

    That way different info can be shown or hidden to avoid to busy a map.

    With careful adjustment you can locate a lot of trends. Nasa had some pretty sophisticated stuff I have seen used prior to my stroke forcing me to give up my engineering work contracts with them.

    It was pretty amazing and the fellow who actually held my subcontracts was important enough to get invited to a lot of the high muckety muck meetings just for his imput and I often got to tag along because I knew how Pro/E drawings / models could be adjusted and often ended up doing it on the fly for the projections stuff.

    It is wild to have some model (like a crew landing vehicle) for example on mars and make changes to a nozzle or some such then watch the sim adjust to what you just altered based on input from some amazing minds.

    Anyway I see your thinking and the amount of work to set up a complex overlay map may be huge, but It could offer a ton of information.

    I suspect that gooberment has some of what you want, perhaps you can import a lot of the layer data from their stuff, but I doubt that their top end models are available to just anyone. To much value to people that gooberment doesn't want having ready access to that data and correlations.

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    In the interest of OPSEC can neither confirm nor deny that :D
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    If everyone has access to your map then how successful are you when the need to be out there arrives? Everyone and his brother are going to be headed "fer dem hills" and it is going to be a madhouse. No one will be trusting anyone because everyone will be a stranger. Where ever you go you would be well advised to "mingle" ahead of time so you will not be shot as a trespasser. Civil laws will be "tossed out the window" and jungle laws will be in effect. Bugging out to a remote/isolated area is a wonderful idea--if you are there first.
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