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  1. Airtime

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    So, I have some opinions of what tools I use, and why I make those choices. But I also know that I often learn from discussion and debate, so 2 questions.

    1. Not counting basic hand tools like wrenches and screw drivers, what tools would you try and pack into a bug out vehicle if there was ample room in the trailer or back of the pickup truck and why?

    2. If you had a good bug-in location complete with a well stocked work shop, what would you want to have (tools, machines, parts, materials, etc.) in it and why?

    Trying to just improve my thinkin.
  2. Brokor

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    One tool I always have in the truck is a heavy forest axe and another is a good draw knife. I also keep heavy camp equipment like a griddle and dutch oven. Aside from the standard toolkit bags and survival bag, I also keep an NBC kit, spare wool blankets and tarps. Then, there's the fishing kit and the hunting kit...
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  3. mysterymet

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    A welder with gen set attached if we are talking good camp location.
  4. KAS

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    if we have meens for power to charge batteries i would say that the cordless sawzall and grinder are excellent to have.
    grinders are greatto have for cutting sharpening cutting and cleaning...
    the cordless sawzall is great for cutting anything with out n extension cord.!!!
  5. hedger

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    The last "fun" tool I bought was a mini-hammer which my wife fell in love with--she insisted that I get her one for each of the 3 floors in our home. I got them at Harbor Freight Tool for about $5 each.

    I have to confess that picking up and buying tools is kind of a guilty pleasure for me. I imagine that if there were someone knowledgable (about me) hovering nearby, they would say, "You know you don't know how to use tools--why do you want to waste money on that stuff?"

    Oh well, I'll just envy those of you who can wield tools with aplomb.
  6. VisuTrac

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    Come-along and 2 high lift jacks.
    those are still on my 'Gotta Get 'em soon list'

    Even if i'm not bugging out.
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  7. KAS

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    come along.. good one and im finding them all the time on craigs list
  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    While I was puttering around my shop I realized that I haven’t seen a list of tools that a prepper needs to have on hand so here goes a few… Please add on….


    · Carpenter’s hammers x2

    · Set of screwdrivers

    · Wrench set both metric and standard (open and box ended)

    · Ratchet set (standard and metric, add frequently used spares)

    · Pry bars various lengths

    · Crow bars various lengths

    · Axes X2

    · Sledge hammer + wedges

    · Hatchet X2

    · Auger + bits (Brace and bits)

    · Hand drill + bits

    · Come-a-long X2

    · Pulley sets

    · Chains various types and sizes

    · Shovels X2 (flat and pointed)

    · Spades

    · Post-hole diggers

    · Vices

    · Anvil

    · Vice grips X 3-4 (various sizes)

    · Pliers x3 various sizes

    · Needle-nose pliers x 2

    · Plumber’s wrenches x 3 sizes

    · Fencing pliers

    · Tin snips

    · Saws (bow saw + blades, hack saw + blades, cross cut, key hole, 2 man lumber saw)

    · Sharpening tools

    · Planes, spoke shaves, & draw knives

    · Pick axe

    · Breaker bar

    · High-lift auto jacks x2

    · 10 ton hydraulic jacks

    · Chain hoist

    · Buckets

    · Cord

    · Hoses & clamps

    · Assorted fasteners (screws, bolts, nails…)


    · Wheat grinder

    · Meat grinder

    · Assortment of knives

    · Sharpening tools

    · Pressure canners

    · Large pots x3

    · Large pans

    · Kettles

    · Dutch ovens x 3

    · Funnels

    · Can openers x4

    · Cork screw

    · Assorted jars and lids (quarts, pints, ½ gallon, gallon etc…)
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  9. KAS

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    add mauls {small sledges or double jacks} of various sizes.
    allen wrenches metric and standard
    bolt cutters
  10. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    On the second 18 wheeler load out ??????
  11. KAS

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    these were for the "good bug in location "
    read the full post
  12. ghrit

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    Like I didn't read it, KAS. Make it trailers parked at the bug in location then to suit your detailed approach. The thing is, that's a LOT of stuff. Whether or not they are on the road is immaterial for this thread.
  13. ExHelot

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    I'd have to add any gunsmithing tools that you are competent or could become competent, to use. Also for a long-term hole-up, whatever you'd use for the garden size of your choice.
  14. KAS

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    NO that aint alot at all !!!!infact accept for a few small things that is all stuff every grown man should own anyway...
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  15. ExHelot

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    I feel ya! (As the young-ins are oft to say.)[rockon]
  16. hedger

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    Ahhh---so many needful things.
  17. VisuTrac

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    make sure you have a can opener or 2 or 12!
  18. Airtime

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    Some interesting suggestions. Thanks for the link to some previous similar discussion, being new I hadn't come across those yet.

    The take away from all I've seen here so far is the suggested tools imply some vastly different presumptions of what will need to be done. Perspectives tended to suggest the following:
    Welding and metal working
    Homesteading and building shelter
    Heavy salvage and extraction.

    So maybe the right question to be pondered first is not the desired tools, rather what do people foresee as the higher probability challenges that will necessitate the utilization of specific tools?

    Just thinkin,
  19. gejoat

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    Well Ghrit This is not a travel tool set but a bug in set or at least some ideas. But it is all hand tools no electric or battery.

    Some suggested tools these are based on the idea of no power, so they are all hand tools. Tools will become highly valued, because when something breaks you won’t be able to buy a new one or take it to town and get it fixed; you or someone with you will have to do it. There are some whole categories like leather working, blacksmithing, or other tools that I am not familiar with that I did not include, maybe someone else would like to give some ideas there.
    I would encourage you to buy high quality tools if they break you may not be able to replace them. For most tools with handles I prefer wood, it is easier to replace, and sooner or later some handles will get broken. This list is not all inclusive by any means, and yes there is some duplication. Yes some tools will be used in different catagories; but this something to think about; if you don’t have a tractor then you probably don’t need ¾” socket stuff. If you are not going to try to raise wheat – then no wheat cradle, ect.. I know that I have forgotten a bunch of stuff but hopefully this helps. By the way like others I never met a tool I didn’t like (if it is quality), you can never have enough tools, yes, and I am a little bit of a pack rat.

    1/4 drive set of deep well 6pt sockets 3/16 - 9/16"
    1/4 drive set of regular 6pt sockets 3/16 - 9/16"
    1/4 drive set of deep well 6pt sockets 4 -14mm
    1/4 drive set of regular 6pt sockets 4 -14mm
    1/4 straight driver handle
    1/4 drive ratchet
    1/4 drive 6' breaker bar
    1/4 assorted extensions 3', 6', and 10"
    3/8 drive set of deep well 6point sockets 3/8 - 1"
    3/8 drive set of regular 6point sockets 3/8 - 1"
    3/8 drive set of deep well 6point sockets 6 - 19mm
    3/8 drive set of regular 6point sockets 6 - 22mm
    3/8 drive ratchet
    3/8 drive 10' breaker bar
    3/8 assorted extensions 3', 6', and 10"
    1/2 drive set of deep well 6point sockets 1/2 -1 1/8'
    1/2 drive set of regular 6point sockets 1/2 - 1 1/8"
    1/2 drive set of deep well 6point sockets 10 - 21mm
    1/2 drive set of regular 6point sockets 10 - 22mm
    1/2 drive ratchet
    1/2 drive 18' breaker bar
    1/2 assorted extensions 3', 6', and 10"
    3/4" drive socket set 12 point 1' - 2 3/8"
    3/4" drive ratchet
    3/4" drive 18' breaker bar
    3/4" assorted extensions 3', 6', and 10"
    Combination wrench sets in inch and metric in sizes as sockets
    Phillips screw drivers #1 - 3 assorted sizes
    flat bladed screwdrivers 1/8 - 1/2" assorted sizes
    wire pliers
    channel lock pliers
    vise grips
    diagonal cutter pliers
    lineman’s pliers
    needle nose pliers
    wire cutters
    brass hammers
    assorted drift punches
    assorted cold chisels
    inch tap and die set fine and coarse
    metric tap and die set
    inch thread restores fine and coarse
    metric thread restorers
    assorted sizes adjustable end wrenches (crescent wrenches)
    bearing pullers
    mounted vise

    16 oz claw hammer
    16 oz rip hammer
    20 oz rip hammer
    crowbars and pry bars
    4' level
    2' level
    hand drill and bits 1/16' - 3/8"
    brace and bits 1/4" -2"
    Tape measure
    Carpenters ruler
    Other measuring devices
    triangular masonry trowel
    flat masonry trowel
    star drills
    masonry chisels
    assorted clamps
    mounted wood vises
    set of wood chisels 1/4" - 1"
    chalk line and extra chalk
    plumb bob
    scratch awl
    utility knife and extra blades
    in shaves
    assorted hand planes

    brush scythe and extra 18" blades
    grass scythe and extra 24" blades
    Wheat scythe and cradle and extra blades
    scythe sharpening stones
    Long handled pointed nose shovels
    grain shovels
    potato fork
    hoes (I prefer sprouting or grub hoes they are heavier metal)
    leaf rakes
    garden rakes
    single bit axes
    double bit axes
    brush hook
    posthole diggers
    spud bar
    hand pruners
    2 man (person) crosscut saw
    1 man crosscut saw
    bucksaw and extra blades
    set of files, sharpening guide, and tooth setter (for saws)
    small post driver
    2# hand sledgehammer
    4# sledgehammer
    6# sledgehammer
    8# sledgehammer
    12# sledge hammer
    cant hook
    Splitting maul
    Splitting wedges for firewood
    fence stretchers
    Fencing pliers
    come along
    block and tackle
    lots of rope assorted sizes and lengths at least up to 1/2' diameter
    at least 3 - 100' lengths of 1/2" rope not to be cut
    pr of hi lift farm jacks up to 40" high
    pr of bottle or hydraulic jacks prefer 20 ton
    at least 2 - 3 ton jack stands
    Wheel barrow
    pull wagon
    2 wheel garden carts
    hand trowel
    pitch forks

    assorted files
    assorted sharpening stones coarse, medium, and fine
    a burnisher
    a leather strop
    scythe stone

    12" hacksaw and extra blades
    small pipe cut off tool and extra cutter wheel
    large pipe cut off tool and extra cutter wheel
    pipe dies
    clean out snake at least 25', longer better
    8" pipe wrenches
    12" pipe wrenches
    16' pipe wrenches
    propane torch and extra tanks
    solder and flux

    Tire Pump
    duct tape
    electrical tape
    yellow glue
    hide glue flakes
    double boiler
    sandpaper assorted grits
    wire brush
    bench brush
    assorted nails
    assorted screws
    assorted rope
    assorted wire
    Meat Saw and extra blades
    butcher knives
    Wheel bearing grease
    General purpose grease
    Engine oil
    Gear oil 80 to 120 weight
    Machine oil
  20. KAS

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    o boy GHRIT is goona loose his shit when he reads that list ...
    I got some things to buy
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