Top 9 mistakes of n00bs

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    Top 9 Mistakes Of Prepping Newbs

    I'll admit it: I'm guilty of having some gizmos/gear and not knowing how to use them or haven't tried them out yet (#7). I buy a lot of stuff on sale and just store it.
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    I don't have any problems with mistake #9

    I don't have any problems with mistake #9.....I don't keep any pets that I am not prepared to eat, and don't have several recipes for the cooking thereof.
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    Good tips but did not post many remedies in detail. I started off with MREs, then 55 gallon barrels of Wheat, corn, and oats. Have added several 20 gallon barrels of rice, pastas, ect and condiments to aid in their taste. We now have three stacks of milk crates containing gallon jars. They are much easier to move and inspect than 5 or 20 gallon containers. We moved/built a new orchard adjacent to our home and put in raised beds just out the side door. Trying to get ready for older age so we will not have to walk 100 yds to the garden/orchard. We are bug in folks but are fully able to leave permanently if necessary. Locations are prepped and we use them for mini vacations occasionally. Hopefully we are prepared but if not we will lean the hard way.
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