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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by AD1, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. AD1

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    How come you are not listed here Top Prepper Sites It can help drive more traffic to the site if you want it.

    Once you are valadated as a real site, they give you code to put and icon like
    Vote for PreparedHam on the Top Prepper Websites page.
    this one on my site
    so people can click on it When they do you get a higher score and up the rankings you go.

    BTW I added "The Monkey" link to the news section on the forums page @PH
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  2. Motomom34

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    @AD1, I pitched the idea months ago. No idea why (may not want that much traffic) but glad to know that you think we should be on the top prepper site list.
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  3. BTPost

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    I think it may be because the Founders, had "Quality"over "Quantity" when the site was founded. They set up this place after being VERY disappointed with the other sites, of that Day, and wanted something different. This place is very different in it's Administration, and Moderation, than most of the other Prep'er Sites. Also I think, they just never expected it to GROW, like it has, and thought that it would always be just a Private Place for them to Exchange Ideas, among themselves, and a few new Friends. Well, Low & Behold, it has grown, and expanded, to what you see today, and it still works, almost as well, as it did when it was founded, and that says a LOT, about the Founders, and the Ideals, they used in it's founding. I, for one, not being a Founder, but one of the New Friends, Thank the Maker, to have found this place, where I can give back, to those who ASK, of my Knowledge Base, and experience.
  4. AD1

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    I think this place should be more like SB[​IMG]

    I am the new guy so just tell me to go back in the corner. It is hard to keep things civil on forums. I left AA's site as a "Admin" due to one member who I could not take anymore.
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  5. BTPost

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    It happens to ALL Admins and Mods, even here.... As I said, this place is different, in that nothing happens here, without a "Meeting of the Minds" of the Staff, when one of these situations arises. Our CoC, is plain and simple... You cross it, you get sanctioned... You try and walk the "Thin Line" It is discussed, and a consensus, is arrived at, and you are informed, usually by PM, and NOT in the Forums. There a couple of Monkeys, that "Give me GAS" therefore I recuse myself, from Moderating their Stuff, and let the Other Mods, and Admins, deal with them. I still read everything, and will make a "Report" if I see a CoC Violation, but I do NOT Vote, or put Input, in the "Behind the Scene discussions"... This works for ME.....
  6. Airtime

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    Why? What value added would there be in effectively just having two SBs?

    I come here because:
    1. the fear mongering crap you find on too many of the sites is low here
    2. The signal to noise ratio towards actual prepping is better than most discussion sites
    3. It's not a blog where just one person promulgates their self aggrandized view on prepping
    4. People aren't writing way too many superfluous words to try and win a prize.
    5. There are a good number of knowledgeable people and one can count on a few to actually know first hand about whatever, not speculation (typically manifested as naysayers) and rumor.

  7. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    I'm not the best equipped to expound on why SM isn't a top, but at one point we were in the top of the searches for preppers and survivalists. Them dayz is gone, back then, driving hits was a goal. When in the top, it was partially because we used Google for statistics, and a wonderful world that was, we could see all sorts of useless information. But by using Google, they worked us into their search engine, I think there was a price attached to it, dunno for sure. Google attracted some undesirable poking and prodding that didn't bear a very deep probe to find un-nice things buried in the pile, including train loads of spam. At that point, SM abandoned google, and immediately we dropped out of the top grouping. I don't know if the other search engines do the same sort of thing or not, nor does it matter, we're doing nicely with word of mouth.

    Thanx for the vote of confidence, AD1.

    When melbo gets back, might be he will add a few tidbits.
  8. Brokor

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    I've come across plenty of highly qualified experts in my life who lack even the most basic level of common sense.
    Thankfully, this forum does not tend to cater to the "experts", and continues to grow in membership and allows its members to share information freely.

    Also, we are still highly searchable.
  9. AD1

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    Was kidding Air. I left that place long ago for the same reasons everyone else did. The only thing I tried to do is Remove EVERY Ham Radio related post before I left. I got through about 200 before they stopped me from being able to delete anymore.
  10. AD1

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    You dont have to be...

    By they way "they" dont decide who is listed at the top. The ranking is based on votes from people clicking through from the link on this site to the TPW site. They simply collect the votes and provide the totals.

    Just seeing the Shop and revenue generating links here more traffic usually translates into higher revenues for the site.
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  11. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Those voting sites are kinda gimmicky to me. It also requires us to place a 'free' ad back to Prepper Website itself.
    We're doing fine - Google and other search engines are continually shuffling their algorithms and it affects search results from year to year. If there were a sure fire way of a site becoming #1 in anything, I'd be a Billionaire right now :)

    Us using Google Analytics or not really doesn't have much to do with how we rank within Google itself -
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  12. AD1

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    Roger that. Was just trying to help with revenue generation.
  13. Airtime

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    I see that now. Sorry. The puking emote didn't come thru to my phone earlier when I was sitting in cardiologist's office waiting for my wife to be called back. Your post makes so much more sense to me now!!
  14. AD1

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    No worries sir. Its all good.
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  15. Pax Mentis

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    Please no more traffic.

    There have been enough fools coming through here of late anyway, let's not make it easier.

  16. kellory

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    Just 'cause you can't grow a ponytail of fury, or type a thousand words a minute, don't be jealous.....:rolleyes:
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  17. BTPost

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    Obviously, you have never seen a picture of Pax.... Last t I've we had lunch, he had a very nice PonyTail....
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  18. kellory

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    Did he have a Barkless Chihuahua, or an assault cat?:cautious::eek:
  19. BTPost

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    No, he was a well appoint Gentelman, of Senior Years,, with a Nice Gray PonyTail.. Of substantial length...
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  20. pearlselby

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    That Top Prepper Site is great. I have been roaming over there. Thank you for the information.
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