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    Can anyone link or post some pics or ideas of a good Survival bicycle.

    My property boarders a paper companys land and theres many trails and short to friends houses. Im think a decient bike would be essuentual post SHITF.
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    It is Larry..I have a Cignal Moutain Bike just for those occasions...
    I used to ride it at 5am in the morning to the donut shop...Don't laugh...Have to have a bit of balance in life...Anyway be careful in the dark..a wet beer bottle will throw you off...
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    Just dont spill it
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    ccc...No man...ones horizonal in the wet grass that you can't see....
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    Now that's funny.
  6. DKR

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    Sport comfort bike

    You may want to look at a class of bicycle called the "Sport Comfort" - a mountain bike with a more upright seating scheme and all the components rigged for off-road use.

    A set of semi-knobbies or the new knobbies with a thin track in the center for hard surfaces can make all the difference in loose soil.

    If you face mud, sand or deep snow, then you may wish to look at a 'pug' (Pugsley or Surly brand) style (offset) bike with the very wide tires.

    This fellow seems to have all the bases covered.

    Very popular here in the mud

    And the snow

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  7. larryinalabama

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    Thanks DKR those bikes look great Illl research them
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