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    OK you bald buttt monkies, here's what i'm looking for;
    A pair of trail pants that are at a good price, button pockets all around, tie off cuffs(ticks) color not inportant, price is.

    Just came back from REI and their MASSIVE 50% off sale(gag me, all pants look like gansta pants with big cuffs)
    So I thought of the imported BDU's from Major Suurplus. I can do that. Let's see $19.00 or $50.00 at REI.

    So here's my question;
    Where did you buy them(yeah, URL is required)
    Are they true to size?
    What color dosen't turn heads?

    Thank-you my Brother tree swingers KISS, but no![no]
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    If BDU's aren't thick enough, you could always buy some Carhartt pants.
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    Men's Diamond Gusset
    Defender Reinforced Motorcycle Jean
    Waist 32-46
    New The first true motorcycle jean with kevlar abrasion protection in the seat, hips, and knees, plus our trademark diamond gusset crotch for comfort. Velcro closure at the ankle, and extra pockets for storage
  5. Quigley_Sharps

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    Room for the man package as seen in these photo's

    Diamond Gusset Jeans Made in USA

    Denim from

    Buttons and burrs
    from Kentucky
    and Tennessee

    Thread from Nashville

    Hangtags and Labels from Tennessee

    Pocketing from Mississippi

    Sewn together
    in Mississippi

    Stonewashed in Georgia
    Diamond Gusset Jeans are 100% made in the USA.
    The leather patch comes from Wartrace, just down the road from Bell Buckle, and only a few miles from where Tennessee whisky is made. The original inventors and owners of Diamond Gusset Jeans are in Tennessee.
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    wow where were jeans like that when i still wore jeans. switched to [camo] bdu's to avoid the dreaded [nk] split boy's from jeans
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