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  1. Cephus

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    I've been thinking about how to get around after something like the things we are seeing now !! I'm sure we would need some way to get from place to place ,I have a 78 chevy truck but I also have a bicycle and a inflatable canoe !! Are there any other ways that you guys can think of !!
    I know in other parts of the country things may be different so I was just wondering what are you guys going to use to get around ,some may not have thought about this and if this is in the wrong place I'm sorry and feel free to put where it should be !!
  2. melbo

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    Are you talking about the long lines on the Exodus from Houston or How to get Around after there is no good way to get around?

    Post SHTF, I'd think Bicycles and Horses would be top of my list. Most Power vehicles might tend to draw attention to the fact you have a truck and more inportantly, good fuel.
  3. monkeyman

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    By foot may be required, but I would figure a couple of ideal things that may work well in most situations would be a dirt bike of an ATV like a 4 wheeler. With a 4 wheeler you can go forever on 5 or 10 gallons of gas and pull a trailer. These would also be good as would motor bikes in the sence that they can go where cars/trucks cant such as between rows of stopped traffic and such.
    My choice if money wasnt an issue would be a work horse type 4 wheeler with a small trailer and a barrel of fuel. If cars and such couldnt get around you could outrun those on foot, bycicle or horseback as well as out distance them. Also with a 50 gallon barrel of fuel you could run sever hundreds of miles with one and still be able to put other suplies in the trailer and a couple folks on the 4 wheeler so you could get you and 1 or 2 other people along with basic supplies (like 4 or 5 large back packs) and the barrel of fuel across a couple states a lot faster than critter powered transportation since you can run say 30-40 mph all day instead of only for a couple hours.
  4. Quigley_Sharps

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    horse and mule
  5. Seawolf1090

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    I recently decided on getting a motorcycle, as a cheaper form of daily transpo and for possible BOV use. It could get me out of the area by ways that a car or truck couldn't go. Seeing the mass stupidity occuring in NO and Texas, makes me thankful I got it when I did. I may not be able to carry a whole lot, but I could get to a relative's place out of state. Being single without kids makes this choice much easier for me personally.
    I'm still modding the bike for BO duty, if/when necessary. Still, best would be using my 4X4 truck - but fuel concerns are greater. Especially for a long term event.
    Traveling last year thru the Tennessee and Kentucky area, I was struck by the numbers of horses folks had. Beautiful country, and animals! Good trading stock when TSHTF. Unfortunately, this would be a good target for the hungry hoards. A couple weeks after the fall, the city dwellers will welcome horse-burgers. Hope those ranch owners are well-armed. My uncle Larry is one of them!

    Me and "The Red Peril":
  6. BRONZ

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    +1 on the motorcycle, but why wife won't let me have one :oops: . I wreck a lot on motorcycles. :lol:
  7. ghrit

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    +another 1 on the bike. One scenario dependent "plan" is to hitch the trailer on and go as far with the pickup as I can, unload the bike and continue. She is a road bike, but will outdistance any cage at any time. (Also fits between stalled cars.)
  8. Cephus

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    I don't plan to bug out ,Ihave everything here I will need !! I live 23 miles from any city
    over 1500 people !! I also have a natural gas well that has 42 lbs of pressure and has had that since 1922 ,a natural spring well with a hand pump ,and more deer than I can keep out of the garden ,wild turkey that love my clover yard and if I have to groundhog
    not to mention the small game !! I was just talking about how to get around and barter
    maybe just to visit with the nieghbors !!! I like the idea of the horse ,now I'm gouing to have to go out and see what one cost and get my SIL to board it for me !! LOL
    Thanks guys !!!
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