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    Yesterday, my monkeys and I got up bright and early to take the Monkey Queen to her 2km ocean race. After we dropped her off, I took the little monkeys to one of their favorite breakfast places. They even got breakfast dessert.


    Our timing was impeccable. We picked up momma and cruised the mall. The monkeys got what they wanted...roasted chestnuts and books. And as we were walking, my wife spies these rings in a display window. So we left the mall...wearing new matching wedding bands. A little early to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary (January). But eh. So being the romantical devil that I am, I proposed to her all over again, just like before. So I looked her in the eyes and said, "So what, you like?" And the answer, "Shoots!" And we were off to lunch.


    Oh, for you non-Hawaiians, a translation may be in order. Me, "My dearest darling wife, will you honor me by accepting my marriage proposal once again? And thank you for all the wonderful years. And even the ones that weren't wonderful." My wife, "Yes, I will stay married to you, even though not all the years were wonderful. And I guess I would marry you again, if needed. Ok, let's eat." Hmmm...sounded better with just a few words. I guess you always lose something in translation. Funny thing was when I asked my wife, "So what, you like." The local sales lady said, "Shoots." too. True story. It was funny. But you had to have been there.

    And while we were having a wonderful buffet lunch at the Prince Court, my lovely wife suggested we make the cutesy heart to show off our new rings.


    I was surprised my wife wanted new rings. We hardly ever wear our old ones. My wife is very athletic. She runs, swims, rock climbs, does yoga and body weight exercises on average 2-3 times a day. So on average, we are a very fit couple. ;) And I hardly wear my ring either, except for when I travel for work. I would play basketball regularly and would take my ring off before I play. If you play, you will understand. Play enough and you WILL get your finger(s) jammed. I didn't want to have to cut my ring off if I jammed my ring finger and it swelled. Heck, I even lost my ring once. Freaked me out, especially since I didn't go to my girlfriend's place that day. Of course, I kid. But I bought a new ring after I told my wife I lost it. A year later, I found it under the bottom thing in my gym bag. You know the stiff piece that keeps it flat.

    So we have long had the following arrangement, whenever my wife wants something, she will just get it. And I do not need to worry about getting presents for birthdays, anniversaries and the like. Plus I prefer giving gifts unexpectedly and for no other reason than just because.

    Today, while my wife did her half marathon in the mountains (on trail), I took the monkeys to visit my dad's grave for the anniversary of his death.

    So the survival part... Happy wife, happy life...
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    Awwwww, how sweet! And I mean that in a sincere, heartfelt way. Da Mrs. Hanzo is a lucky woman, you romantic devil you! Well done!

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    Very sweet!
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    Mahalo Kajun. I remind Mrs. Hanzo all the time. (I don't. Really!)
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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing!
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    @Hanzo you are one of those rare guys, husband, dad and friend... great post!
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