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    I have changed my mind. Last night's events in Chicago made it painfully apparent that the war for our country is here...and the only chance we have to keeping from becoming an outright shooting war is to ensure that the likes of Clinton/Sanders/Cruz/Rubio do NOT get elected. Sometimes in war one must hold their nose and make hard choices that give the best chance for I am now supporting Trump for President, if he manages to get the GOP nomination. I still don't trust him, nor do I think he is the best candidate...but he has the best chance of getting elected and beginning to turn this country around. I still prefer Gary Johnson...but the establishment of both parties have made it painfully obvious that they will never willingly cede control to anyone not in their club, let alone a third party.

    Yeah, he might end up being as bad as the others...but if that is the case, we'll deal with it. If the others get elected, we KNOW we'll be dealing with it. The establishment of both parties have proven that the war is now going overt...they desperate to retain their control...the only way we can stop them is to elect Trump...for better or worse.

    Let's hope Trump lives long enough to see the election, let alone get elected and actually serve a term.
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    The typical off the rack politician can't or won't fix and restore this country to what it was and should be. They all talk the talk but do nothing. Trump is giving them ulcers. Pretty obvious the people are pissed, and for good reason. Time will tell.
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    I don't support any candidate, let's just get that out in the open. I have no dog in this race.

    With each public display of political rivalry which easily expands far beyond childhood, playground antics, I become increasingly confident believing Trump has been hired to shut down the right wing establishment in an attempt to grow support for the left --namely Hillary.
    Right after the name-calling and the childish behavior of the GOP debate, Hillary is seen on every major news station calmly commenting in a very rational voice how foolish it all was. Online, we see Hillary mocking the debate by acting like she's bored.


    It isn't too far off the beaten path to conceive the thought that he's a hack. His business dealings are shady at best, and he has long ties with the Clinton's despite the words he chooses to use in his campaign. He also has a large number of mob dealings, too. Trump does have strong ties with Israel, has frequently mentioned how he supports Israel (pre-campaign) and his daughter (Ivanka) is a Jewish convert married to a Jewish developer (Jared Kushner). Then there's Michael Cohen, his EVP who is also Jewish. But, let's not go off the deep end and start yelling, "Zionist shill!" just yet. There's nothing wrong with being Jewish, it's the links to Israel, the business dealings, and the political stance on Israel we should only be concerned with. Besides, he's been a New York businessman for long enough, it's impossible to do business without rubbing elbows with Jewish people. I mention this so we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable conclusion.

    There is a lot of hype surrounding Trump. With this much "hot air", an inquisitive mind may wonder about motives.
    He's touted as being a self-made billionaire, but who else was involved with every dollar he raked in?

    "We need to welcome Donald Trump to his new place in serious national politics with a cold, hard look at the crooks, conspirators, and criminals who peopled his early career." -link-
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    I'm not really interested in who wants to vote for whom, and I can't say I blame you one bit for your allegiance to Trump.
    I am only trying to point out the irony in how we have a corporate oligarchy and not a government, and isn't it ironic that a corporate tycoon with mafia ties may be willing to hand the Presidency to the Rothschild's favored candidate, Hillary?
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  5. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd, there one potential upside to Trump (or even Sanders for that matter) winning they might at least provide the perception that the establishment CAN be defeated within the system, short of war. Anybody who wishes for war is a damned fool...I'll do what it takes to avoid one just as I will do what it takes to win one.
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    Trump took the temp of the silent majority and he is running with it. I have said many times, one could look at the web, sites like this and get their talking points and run for office. People are angry, we have been angry but sometimes when people are angry they get blinded to what is right in front of them. Now we have rallies that are getting violent. How far will some go to shut him down?

    The press now has talking points on Trump being compared to Hitler. I haven't really thought that all through but it is something to think about. I do not believe he is a Hitler but I see people so angry and blinded that they are truly starting to hate other people. I read an article that they police in Cleveland are buying riot gear in preparation for the RNC. How ugly is that going to be? Have you asked yourself what happens if the RNC chooses to nominate someone besides Trump? What happens if they declare Kasich or Rubio? I really do not think people are meekly going to accept the party deciding what is best anymore.
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    "The people" will have to change the way the party operates if they don't like it. "The people" initiated the system that is operating and has for a bit of time. Meek acceptance is really not part of the equation other than that is what has been in use. The parties have local, regional, state and national organizations, and if the people want changes, that's where it has to happen, and there is the only place where speaking up will do squat.
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    I have to disagree with that. Yes, I acknowledge that is how it should be. Act locally, think globally but.... People have tried that. The last election the people handed the conservatives the election yet nothing happened, same old sh**. This Trump thing, the passion we are seeing is a result of the local, state and federal politicians forgetting their promises. I do not know if anarchy will happen but
    Anarchy- a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. The riots this summer were basically allowed IMO and those were inner city thugs. What is going to happen when you have a bunch of PO'ed rednecks?
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  9. ghrit

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    I grant that you are reflecting the way things are. The salient point is that the grass roots are not acting, they are accepting their selected representatives choices. The fact remains that the parties are rooted locally, and if the locals sit on their hands they get what they didn't vote for.

    Frankly, I do not think the riots are encouraged nor supported by the major parties. I think those rioters are simply following rabble rousers of any particular splinter disorganization, say like BLM.
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  10. chimo

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    He has the potential to engage in Hitler-like actions just as any leader has when the populace is full of fear and anger...including our own current and past Presidents. Heck, look at George Bush...this country gleefully cheered him on as he invaded a country (Iraq) that had not attacked us and was not an imminent threat to do so. Look at Obama, who is bombing and sending troops into sovereign nations like Syria, Libya, Somalia, Chad and lord knows who else, that have not attacked us, are not an imminent threat to do so, and have not invited us. Let's not even get into the subject of torture...or killing/detaining citizens with no due process, etc. Freakin Hitler would love what we've turned into.

    Indeed, I imagine even some of our own will chime in attempt to support such overtly illegal invasions and interventions. Fear and anger (justified or not) make the rise of wannabe Hitlers much easier. Heck, look at me, I have abandoned my principles and changed my mind to support Trump...knowing full well that he could be another Hilter-type.
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