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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by medicineman, Mar 25, 2017.

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    I couldn't help but notice areas that voted Democrat always over lap with with high gun murder rate areas.
    Democrats are the perp in the vast majority of murders. That's all there is to it.
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    FWIW, I've seen a lot of liberals come into prepping over the years and as a result, eventually get transformed into conservatives. I see it as a positive that more of them are realizing the need for preparedness. If they are spending money on it, it means they are serious about it and investing themselves in it.

    One of the first things they will realize is that many of their left-leaning brethren don't think the way they are beginning to ... and they will start to gravitate to the right where the logic they are beginning to absorb and agree with will cause a political transformation.

    Fact is--a huge segment of the conservative population were liberals when they were young.
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    Everybody was "Liberal" when they were young..... Some just never Grow Up.... Even my youngest Daughter had her Liberal Phase... It was during the WTO Riots in Seattle... She worked for Planet Hollywood in DownTown Seattle.... She was right out with the rest of the Liberal Protestors during the weekend..... HOWEVER when the Provocateurs started breaking windows at Planet Hollywood, and Arnie and his Investor Buddies HIRED some REALLY BIG MEAN Looking ARMED Thugs to protect their investments, and closed the place for a while, She got the Reality of the situation, smack square in the face. She called her Mom, and one of the things she stated was "Don't these guys KNOW, that some of us have to WORK, so we can PAY our RENT, and Phone Bill...." That ended her "Liberal Phase" right quick.... Heck, I even had my "Hippy Phase" ...... back in the 60's.....
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    Yeah my parents tried to raise me as a hippie liberal. I would have to say they were not successful.
    Because 2 things happened.
    I leaned math, learned to read.
    Put those 2 together with a little history then it ain't too hard to figure out what side to be on.
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    I have to laugh. Yes, the idiots are idiots, no amount of education will cure that. My brother may not be a lib-tard snowflake, but he is a flake and an idiot. NOTHING will cure that, it is who he is. Someone once told him ignorance is bliss and he set out to be the most blissful (willfully stupid) person he could. IGNORANCE can be cured, STUPID is forever! (From a sign over my college prof's door). Ignorance is the LACK of an education, stupidity is either being UNABLE or UNWILLING to learn. My idiot brother CAN learn, he just REFUSES to learn. Too many are like that, they CAN, but WON'T.

    I'm a conservative (well, more libertarian actually) and my mother and father had a huge garden, raised animals for food, canned every thing they could so we could eat all winter. I don't garden much (mostly gave up when I came home in time to watch the doe and fawn polish off the last of my garden), do recycle (worked for a lib-tard who thought he was the world's greatest recycler because he put his papers out at the curb. When I pointed out all the OTHER stuff he could be doing, well he just blew up! Putting papers out once a week - simple. Any more than that? Too much work! STILL thought he was God's gift to recycling.), but can still butcher my own meat, can my own food and the like. Dated a snow-flake that canned too, still didn't make her a survivalist, but she at least was trying and liked the idea of survivalism, as long as she could still be a snow-flake.

    Anyone who thinks that the MAJORITY of the lib-tards and snowflakes (I was born and raised in a college town and KNOW these people) who are buying guns will use them to defend themselves against their own or "protected classes" (communists, lib-tards, non-Whites, moslems, homosexuals, child molesters, etc.), or will someday "see the light", are sadly mistaken. Some MIGHT, the majority? No. As soon as the "war is won", they will willingly turn over their guns and march to the death camps "for their own good". Look at England, Australia, Russia, Pol Pot, and any other communist country.

    A column in the local lib-tard college student paper ("Why do you call it a lib-tard paper?! HUH? Huh?! Huh?!" "Well I don't know, possibly because the by line of the mast head is 'The Daily Lib-Tard Paper of the Midwest'?") had some little pinkoess whining about how the state was putting a child raping murderer to death and how horrible that was, blah, blah, blah. She finally called her lib-tard mother in Texas and told her all about it and her mother said "But honey, they shoot rabid dog in the street here! That protects everyone!"

    The poor little lib tard was HORRIFIED! Her dear old commie loving snow flake mom SUPPORTING killing some rabid dog?! Her world view was shattered! And I'm sure she needed to go to the "Knowledge/real world free" (aka "Safe zone") area to talk to some councilor who will tell her her mother is sick and we should not judge rabid dogs, but let them bite us because that is what they do.

    Who was it that said: "If you are not a liberal when you are young, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative when you are old (ie: working for a living) you have no brain."? I used to ride the bus to work and some little snowflake was talking about how he had a job and he was going to be rich! THEN he got his paycheck! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THEY TAKE OUT IN TAXES?! I said he should be PROUD to pay taxes and they should take MORE out in taxes to pay for the scum that won't work! He just hung his head and said "Yeah, I used to say that too." I said "I know, I had to listen to you spout that BS for all the time I've been riding the bus. Welcome to the real world." I like to think he caught on and grew up to be a conservative.
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    Had an interesting talk with a friend just a couple days ago.
    He missed out on a shoot, and was telling us he now had to try and find more .22 ammo for his stash.
    We knew he had over 2000 rounds of .22 cause he had just been in on a group buy with us.
    Used it up in ONE AFTERNOON.

    Doesn't matter where, or what the pathogen was, but he had to kill 1500+ chickens and "dispose" of them.
    USDA mandated.
    You would be all night and a day wringing necks or chopping off heads with that many.

    I would say he was pretty smart to have "massive amounts of ammo" on hand.

    How a person chooses to "prepare" is an individual" thing, BUT/HOWEVER.....
    When you start telling "US" Survivalists that we need to change our ways for "PC" or "Appearances".... THAT is where you step in your own feces.
    ALL the anti-gun pantywetters can go pound sand.
    You are just sheeple in camouflage, waiting to give your "preps" over for the common good and be taken for all you have.

    Those who choose to beat their guns into plows, WILL plow for those who do not.
    The evildoers will ALWAYS prey on the meek and defenseless.
    It is history. It is FACT. it is human nature.

    And unfortunately... all the hong kong phooey, sharp sticks, and the long butterknives are going to result in those people being DEAD. DEAD. DEAD.
    If you feel you cannot, or will not, prepare to defend yourself with a good supply of firearms and ammunition... Please give up now and just research and build a "FEMA approved" 72 hour kit, and pre-locate your closest "evacuee/refugee" center
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    "Ignorance is bliss"
    Should be the dem 2020 slogan.
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    I had a thought on the fact that personnel beliefs drive political belief but not in the commonly accepted manner. Those of us who are and have always been self aware, sufficient, and reliant, those who can work with a group and then walk away on their own path tend to be conservative. Those who require group think, the herd lots of friends in their life tend to be Dem.

    My thought here is it may not be as much thought out politics, as personality and self confidence driven. People become more conservative as they get old, this is also the time they have it figured out and can be more self reliant. In the end I guess liberalism is a form of immaturity that one may be Able to train out of people or make them outgrow.
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    My step daughter recently turned 30. She was always enamored with the amount of facebook friends she had until the last couple of years. Popularity was gauged on how many folks were her "freinds", but none of them folks would show up to help move, or any other basic need. She never understood what the issue was with taxes, until she had a real job making good money. One time a few years ago, she was hooting about her tax refund and asked us how big of a one we got..... she was shocked to hear we paid $10K plus over what we had paid through the year. She was made aware that we had basically paid for her tax refund, with the taxes we had paid.... her first comment was that it was not fair. Since that time, she has learned that the tax code is just a tool to buy votes. If you do not earn much and receive .gov bennies, you will vote for them bennies to continue. But if you work hard and earn decent money, you want to keep that coin in your pocket... and not provide the worms more cash to subsist upon.
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