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    I started a blog entry and got quite a bit written and I got shut down here at home lol.
    Soooo here we go again.
    My dh Dave is from SE Ohio and I am from Wisconsin, we met in Colorado in the mid 1970's.
    Dh and I live on a small old farm, the house was built in 1930 and needs a lot of tlc and so does the fences and etc and we are working on it all a little at a time.
    No one had done much to keep the place up for decades.
    We have lived up here at the foot of the mountains since 2004.
    At the moment our youngest daughter Kathy and her 2 year old daughter Kaylee are living with us. She works down in town and so does Dh.
    We have at the time around 40 chickens, Jersey cow, dog and a cat.
    We cut down on the amount of animals we had in the fall in preparation for winter.
    Lets see our oldest son Todd and his family live in Northern VA where we lived for 5 years.
    2 daughters in AZ Tanya with her family in Flagstaff and the other about 30 minutes from the boarder in the south. Coral and family were in Germany for 10 years while she was in the Army.
    Terra, Christine, Seth, Joseph, Khristopher live in ID and son David and his 2 kids live over in the Burbank WA area.
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