types of looters to prepare for

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    Five Types Of Looters You Must Prepare For

    I don't usually put too much thought into the articles I find on sites like the one above, because as a rule they're just selling fear. This one, however, has some quality content - so I decided to share it here. Enjoy!
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    The article contains a lot of stereotypes, and frankly, a lot of 'scare' - it does make several good points. And unless a person is a total newbie, things many have considered and are ready for.

    If you are new to the prepping mindset - read the article and discuss with your family. Now. Before the knock on the door.

    The piece did miss one looter - Mr. Government Man.

    You know - Going house to house to help themselves to your "excess" so they can feed "the less fortunate". It's going on now - they just steal from your paycheck - but soon, they could be at your door - and they won't be alone.

    Oh, and taking all those guns you have - "for public safety". Or at least least their safety.... Yes, already going on in any disaster in the several states that suspend the Constitution for 'safety'.

    Good luck. Because if you living in a city/apartment complex/etc - U R boned.

    And before you ask - look up Executive Orders - it's already there, signed and ready to go. Since the mid-60s.
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    It's a sheeple article...It failed also to mention Old F$#t's that intend to stack looter's like cordwood vs. the hunker down play possum approach...Bring it !!!
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    On that page, the guy states:

    ...using non-food grade buckets to store food...especially flour. [nono]

    I wouldn't barter with this guy! [yukface]
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  5. VisuTrac

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    I think if he seals the product in Mylar and then puts it in any bucket the foodstuffs will be fine.
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    Very Common Mis-Understanding

    A very common mis-understanding of the physics involved ... the mylar bag is only an air barrier to retard the outside air from re-infiltrating back into the stored food ..... the bucket also serves that purpose, along with being a solid fixture to protect the mylar bag/food ..... air begins to re-infiltrate immediately because of the low pressure "bubble" created by the 02 absorbers ..... elementary school physics at work, nature doesn't tolerate an imbalance ..... any contamination that this re-infiltrating air comes into contact with, will be carried back to your food ..... a non FOOD GRADE bucket is an example of that contamination ..... toxic chems are used in the manufacture of the common home center paint bucket ..... direct contact with the food IS NOT NECESSARY .....

    Another point rarely discussed is the air environment that buckets are stored .... again, buckets are low level air "magnets" ..... they are drawing outside air into the interior ..... if the air surrounding the bucket is contaminated or just smells .... your food will pick up that contamination or smell ..... ask anyone that has stored food in a pickle bucket or around a gas/diesel fuel source .....

    only use food grade buckets when storing food or water ...... most important if in direct contact with the container .....

    for info on food grade plastics:


    "What is Food Grade Plastic"

    "Not All HDPE Containers are Food Grade"

    Please note that home center buckets are specifically mentioned as being "non food grade"
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  8. Brokor

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    Most likely if you get robbed, it will be from somebody who knows you. Loose lips sink ships.

    And, you can never be too secure. I learned that recently. It's like Fort Knox at home now, and I still think of new ways to tighten security.
  9. -06

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    Doesn't matter to me what kind of looter it is as IMO his/her destination will be the same. Will save on dog food -- big time. Keeping lights on after dark is an open invitation to the unwanted guests. Go to sleep with the chickens but listen to the geese/dogs/guineas.
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  10. geo

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    Yeah, see I fear the regular people. The ones that go about their daily lives like nothing is wrong. Once they see that this is real, and they have no food, I worry about their reaction if they think someone has food.

    Also think about all the people on some kind of maintenance drug for any kind of mental disorder. Now think about when they cant get their normal dosage. Some will be fine, but some will not.
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    I let others "actions" speak for them.... If they act, contrary, to MY Best Interest, I respond "In my best interest" PERIOD.... This allows "Me" to decide, and be proactive, if "I" chose to. Words just do NOT mean much, when your in a SHTF senerio. ...... YMMV......
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  12. Alpha Dog

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    The one thing we have to our advantage is they are idiots!!!!



    This is how I see looters (My point Of view)


    No Face, No Name, Just A Point System for working toward a better tomorrow
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    I see ceature who will soon wish he/she/it found another house to loot.
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  14. They leave out the biggest current looter of productive individuals.

    Why would this looter not become even worse come SHTF?

    Well IMHO it would.

    Ya know who I'm talking about don't ya?

    That's right, the gob't
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    I agree Thaddious but I think rather than looters the term strong armed robbery and rapist would fit the ba$-Tards better.
  16. Agree. and why would anyone beg there rapist to rape them a little bit gentler?

    I am so very sad that this is what has come to pass in Amerika, that its people must always question those they hired and the institutions they created to serve and protect freedom.

    used to be a time when I'm from the gov't and I'm here to help actually meant that.

    And one voice here and there trying to fix it is just a voice crying in the wilderness.

    It is to the point where we each have to just do the best we can and hope we don't fall victim to such.

    Things are gonna get so very ugly and not to far down the road.

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    That reminds me, I need a new shovel.
  18. Tikka

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    As you have what they want, add torture.

    Hopefully, only one good shovel will fill the need.
  19. Gunny Highway

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    Operational Security is key !
  20. CrufflerJJ

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    Yes, in a perfect world, all your food/water would be stored in USP/EPA blessed "food grade" stainless steel (or platinum, for that matter....after all, stainless contains toxic nasty chromium metal) containers. Given the choice between food/water and NO food/water, I'd gladly take the former.

    Yes, an aluminized mylar pouch is not totally impermeable to all chemicals/nasty toxic stuff. That being said, I'd much rather take a pail of grain stored inside an oxygen absorber containing mylar bag stuffed in a toxic eeeeevil nasty non-food grade pail, versus the same grain dumped in a spiffy food grade HDPE pail with no liner or oxy absorbers. HDPE pails, while having some structural rigidity, just plain SUCK as oxygen barriers. HDPE bags/pails are pretty permeable to oxygen, resulting in rancid, foul tasting, questionably unhealthy/carcinogenic foodstuffs.

    In my former life as a chemical engineer (before going into my 2nd carefree career as an ICU nurse), I worked with lots of toxic nasties, chemicals, and plastics. Mylar isn't a perfect barrier to all chemicals. That being said, I'd rather have food stored in oxy-absorber filled mylar pouches & Home Depot buckets versus food stored in food grade pails without mylar pouches & oxy absorbers.

    Just my not so humble opinion, as a former chemical engineer & registered nurse, with a strong interest in toxicology...not to mention prepping.
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