U.S. Investigates Sale of MREs on EBay

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    U.S. Investigates Sale of MREs on EBay By LARA JAKES JORDAN, Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON - Uncle Sam has tried to feed millions of hurricane victims this year with Meals-Ready-to-Eat, or MREs, only to fear that some of them have become Meals-Ready-for-eBay.

    The government is looking into whether eBay sellers in Gulf Coast states are trying to profit from military foodstuffs handed out for free following hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

    Representatives for eBay, the online auctioneer company, say it is impossible to prove that any of the meals were meant for hurricane victims. They note that MREs can be bought in camping stores and Army-Navy surplus outlets.

    But at least some of the MREs advertised on the Web site are being sold from Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and other Gulf states, and are individually packaged with a disclaimer that clearly notes: "U.S. Government property — Commercial resale is unlawful."

    "If it's true, that's pretty reprehensible," said Cheryl Guidry Tyiska, deputy director of the National Organization of Victim Assistance. "There are a lot of pretty hungry people down there who could use the food for free."

    One seller, identified as from "Louisiana Cajun Country," described being hit "with the eye of Rita." Bidding had reached $50.99 for the seller's unopened case of MREs by Saturday.

    "It was very depressing to come back and see that Rita took half our roof with her and left a lot of trees on the fence," the seller wrote. "I am still in a state of shock and a daze. It has really been a mess. I thank God for my solid gold eBay customers. Thanks for your prayers."

    Bidding on other MREs, from Biloxi, Miss., to Pensacola, Fla., ranged from 99 cents to over $100. One case, from Lake Arthur, La., was being advertised as "real military issue" for $36.02. Its 12 individually wrapped meals included beef ravioli, chicken with Thai sauce and a veggie burger with barbecue sauce.

    E-mails sent by The Associated Press to eBay's MRE sellers in Gulf Coast states went unanswered.

    The Homeland Security Department's inspector general has asked investigators to examine the suspicious MREs on eBay, spokeswoman Tamara Faulkner said. In the past, the Pentagon has complained about MRE sales on eBay, Defense Logistics Agency spokeswoman Marcia Klein said. The agency has not decided whether to pursue the current eBay sales, though officials are considering all avenues, she said.

    The Pentagon pays $86.98 for a case of MREs, or about $7.25 per meal, Klein said. The Web site for a chain of Army-Navy stories in the Washington area listed a case of 12 MREs for $96.

    Told of the eBay sales, the acting director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, R. David Paulison, said he "will not tolerate any type of fraud, and we will pursue it to the fullest extent." FEMA distributed millions of MREs to hurricane victims over the past two months.

    eBay spokesman Hani Durzy said the San Jose, Calif.-based company has not received any complaints from government or law enforcement officials about MRE sales in the wake of the recent storms.

    Additionally, Durzy said, eBay has asked the Pentagon to cite the law that would prohibits the sale of its MREs, but has not gotten an answer.

    "When we asked them to show us a law to show it is unlawful, and they were unable to do so, we said they're legal as far as we're concerned," Durzy said.

    eBay does prohibit the selling of expired MREs that are not advertised as a collector's item, Durzy said. Items that would violate the law if sold through eBay are removed from the site, he said.
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    Well, lets see, at worst they dropped food to folks who didnt want or need it or more than they needed and they are selling it rather than throw it away. Where exactly is thier problem here? If they didnt want them in the hands of the public they shouldnt have dropped them, if they wanted them all eaten by whoever picked them up they needed to put a warning on them that people should only pick up the ones they would eat and that to take more would be unlawful or whatever, haveing not done so then it simply makes a situation that those who went through it and had other things to eat or at fewer of them than they were given are able to make a token amount to cover a small amount of what they most likely lost. :eek:
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    Rock on, hang the ones the Hurricane didn't kill!!! Hell yeah, I dont' want them here! b::
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    When the hurricane hit us down here in Florida, FEMA didn't exactly go house to house dropping off MRE's. From what I have heard, they set up areas where people can visit and pick them up. Basically this means that any person could go there and acquire MRE's by standing in a line, or waiting in a line of cars...

    I don't know because I never visited one of these FEMA handout areas.

    I can see how certain people would try to make a profit from the disaster, and I believe that this is why the issue is being brought up. Even though the law which restricts the sale of MRE's commercially has not been reported on or quoted by the government, it still does not make it right for any person to start selling MRE's that should have gone to hurricane victims.

    Unless I am the one selling them, dammit. b::
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    As I understand it the way it was dont in NO was that they would go down the road in a truck and when they saw people they would kick a case or a few off the truck without even slowing down since they were afraid of being mobbed if they tried to 'hand them out'. I just figure once they handed them over they became the property of whoever they gave them to and thiers to do with what they want. Just my take on it though.
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    Once they are handed out, they are the property of those that they were given to, but for someone to turn a profit while taking food out of someone elses mouth, that falls into the reprehesible catagory.
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