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    My accountant told me I didn't have enough write-offs this year. He said I had two choices, go buy something or give the money to Uncle Sam. Not much of a choice.

    The wife's H3 Hummer wasn't holding up to our roads like I thought it would. The last 5 miles to our place is pretty rough, but the last 2 miles turns to dirt road and can be a shock absorbers worst nightmare. The H3 is basically a mid size pick up. It is built on the same frame as the GMC Colorado pickup. Even has the same engine. So we decided to trade it in on something else. She has killed more deer with her Hummer than I have with my rifle. The last one did a real number on it.

    So I wanted something that would hold up on our roads better and that the deer would fear. She saw this H2 and fell in love with it. [drooling]

    I said "Ok, if that's what you want". You know, gotta keep momma happy!:D

    Course the idea that it would be the ultimate BOV never occured to me.;)

    Now I just have to stock up on more fuel cans!! I wonder if she'd let me paint it camo..hmm.
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    SWEET. Tell the missus' we said "congrats". I'll show it to my better half, I'm sure yours will be getting a text about it later. Oh, dint forget to put a good grill guard on it, I know she likes targeting deer through the windshield.
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    Oh yeah, that's the first thing on the list!! A Ranch Hand might fit on this thing!!
  5. ghrit

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    And a winch?
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