Ultimate Survival Vehicle ???????????????

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Disciple, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Disciple

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    Guys I know this subject has been breached But I think I found a new piece of equipment. It is a Rooskie built amphibious vehicle and from what I saw is at home on both water and land, I havnt seen anything that says it high speed on water but it will go,( 15 kilometers per hour) But just check it out and say what you think.
  2. Disciple

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    I thought the 6x6 would make a great vehicle as it will hold a ton of gear. rated for 2,000 kg. Plus it does have a powered trailer like the Gama-goat.
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    I have seen something like what you describe on a Deadliest Journeys:Siberia(YouTube). I have always wanted both a Russian Zil and a STRYKER-ICV M1135 NBC Recon vehicle. Just one of each for my own would be awesome!
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    All relative to your environment.
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    atonimpulse.com.......Sorry bout that I had carbohydrate overload today. The amphibious vid they show is very Impressive, No it hasnt got the power of say a jet boat but or even a bas boat but they use the thing as a scuba diving platform from the ford pinto style back hatch, and It still gets the job done. I just wish I could get a handle on how many rubbles/ Euro's it would cost..............I meant worthless Obama dollars.
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    Ok, how are you going to maintain it and what are you going to do for spare parts?
    There are parts literally laying around all over the place for my old 4X4Chevy and GMC trucks.
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    +1, plus my question would be more what is the price tag on this puppy???
  9. Disciple

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    From what I understand I think the drivetrain was done by Volvo. as far as price I'm guessing about 40-50,000.00 which is what the price of a new chvy or dodge is The interior is very sparse so theres really nothing more that what the vehicle is made out of.
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    Unless you are wealthy or foolish you don't buy a NEW Chevy or Dodge because you can't maintain it yourself, they are complex enough that mechanics are now called technicians,
    not to mention the astronomically high payments and insurance.
    Where I live you can buy decent older 4X4 trucks from $1,500 to $3,000,
    and if you have a modicum of skills and tools they are easy to maintain and repair yourself.
  11. Disciple

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    Unfortunatly you get a buy a used 4x4 around here it has been trashed out. To get a decent one you better be ready to pay the bucks, and then it still is going to have high miles........So it is all what you are willing to spend for a vehicle Brother wolf.

    The only reason I said this may be the ultimate survival vehicle is the fact it it amphibious. I mean hey I'm a die-hard Ford guy, but if I could get ahold of something like this.......Your dang skippy I'm going to buy it even if that means I'm going to have to go to school to fix the dad-burn thing lol. To just be able to do the things you can do with this truck makes it worthwhile to me. Yes I admit it would be more pennywise to go with something from here thats easy to repair. but this is just something to say hey look whats available if need be.
  12. Kingfish

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    I bought a used 1978 Jeep cj-5 solid frame and great suspension. It was a 300 hp mud runner so its has been toughened up. I plow my drive with it right now. It has a built up 304 that smokes. To make it perfect as a survival vehicle I am putting a rebuilt 151 Chevy Iron Duke 4 cyinder with point and plug ignition and carb. The duke is 1/2 of a 350 Chevy. With the right after market parts they put out about 150 hp. With the suspension I have and the right tires it will rock climb and go through creeks and shallow rivers. I have over 2 feet of ground clearance with all the lift stuff on it. I have it lowered down right now for snow plowing. Jeeps came with them in 1985. I got the bell housing and clutch for it and am having the engine built from Jasper engines.(long block) All the other parts will be performance parts from a dune buggy shop here in Michigan. Weber carb header, Bosch ignition and coil. The duke will get good mileage compared to any of the other Jeep engines. In low range 150 hp will do pretty much anything I need. I can pull our small trailor with it . The next thing we plan on doing with this little tank is putting in an extra large gas tank 30 to 40 gallons. Kingfish
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