Unplanned in our lives is all part of His Plan...

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    In response the Melbo's blog post, I wanted to share a story as I look in hindsight at my life as an adopted child. I am specifically writing this post for J, Melbo's daughter.

    I was adopted (1968) as an infant by loving parents who had some challenging times with their first two children. My parents first child, their daughter, died of leukemia at 2 1/2 years old. My brother was born shortly thereafter and needed emergency surgery to correct a stomach problem. After having these problems, my parents decided to adopt me and later my younger sister.

    I always grew up knowing almost nothing about my "birth parents". Father: Blue eyes, brown haired, 5'10", 180 lbs, and of european descent, 25 years old. Mother: green eyes, brown hair, 5'3", 130 lbs, and of european descent. She gave me up for adoption because she didn't want me brought up in a single parent home since my birth father was not ready for marriage. That is all the information I had...

    Fast forward 30 years...after some difficult times in our lives, my wife and I were blessed with a pregnancy after a very tumultous time. This was a total surprise pregnancy for us and unexpected and we were extremely happy. 19 weeks later, 1/2 way through the pregnancy, we went in for the fetal ultrasound and it was that a genetic defect existing and our baby was in the process of going though congestive heart failure (its been 10 years, but it still makes me cry). The image was burned into my mind. 3 days later we went in for an ultrasound and our baby had died. My wife decided she could not do a DNC and they induced her and we held our "dead baby" and grieved.

    I carried (still carry) much pain deep in my soul over this loss. In my mind's eye, I would envision this baby boy growing up. This vision kept haunting me and I began to think of my own entry to the world and the woman who gave birth to me. How did she do it? What type of strength and love does it take to love a child so much that you feel what is best for them is to be raised in a home with a family?

    And so I embarked on a quest. I will not be able to see my baby boy until the end of my days, but
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