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    I liked Nadja's idea about the what if's and how would we handle it. I really think that some of the one's new to prepping and survival could learn from post like this. Even us older guy's could learn I know on Nadja's post I picked up some good info and got some different takes on what others would do. I would alos like to give Nadja a thumbs up for a good idea that could save lives.[winkthumb]

    Now if this $uxxx you guys just tell me. If anyone wants to add to the scenario please do.

    One of my biggest concerns is civil unrest and how to and what to do. So say you are on your way home from work and you are stopped at a red light listening to the radio. When a news alert breaks in with the story of people rioting and destroying every thing with in sight, dragging people from their vehicles, throwing gas bottles, rocks and even shots fired. As listening to the radio you can hear glass breaking, shots being fired, and screams. You are 15miles from home where your family is and there are no police the PD has been over run and burned on duty officer are held up at the hospital trying to protect it and the sick people. You the last thing you hear on the radio is the highway 5 miles from your home has been block and shut down by riot and with you knowing the area you know the mass is moving toward your home. What do you do and what do you feel one should have on hand to make it to your home and secure the family?
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    This is what Big Steel Bumpers on Full Size Trucks are for. Failing that, my current E&E kit in my truck includes my AR-15/M-4 Carbine & a decent amount of ammo. There is three directions you can come from to get to my house. Getting home isn't a problem, living with the black spots & tarnish on your soul afterwards is. I've done bad things before that I had to live with but they had to be done. This would be just one more.
    Bad Things.
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    Now youv'e gone and done it Alpa Dog. You , like me are trying to get people to think some. Funny thing is, I do notice that most people seem far to concerned with guns and ammo rather then faceing reality. Take a look at any country around us and you will see growing unrest, and growing it is.

    I remember many years ago, while living in Santa Barbara Calif, woke one night to a glow. Looked out the window and went into shock ! Walked outside and just looked and could not believe my eyes. The entire ridge around Santa Barbara was in huge flames. There is only one highway in Santa Barbara and that is 101. It was blocked for the fire equipment coming in from both the north and south. Completely surrounded in a horse shoe shaped fire and your the guest of honor. You would not believe how many people just stood around and talked in total shock. Me, I got on my old Triumph 650TT which was the bike of the day, grabed my old army backpack and headed quietly out of town (through the fire) on the old dirt roads back of town.
    Was about a week or so before it was all clear and safe to come back to town. Just think, not even food deliveries were coming in. Nobody and I do mean nobody was prepared for it. Little things can sure upset your day and/or the rest of you life in the blink of an eye. This was just one of those things that you never see coming.
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    The ''skinny pedal'' is your friend..USE IT...!!!
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    Similar to the EMP Scenario, with a couple of exceptions. 1: secure family & home. 2: load out. 3: open EOP to section labeled "civil unrest/riots" and do my portion of the plan. 4: Contact Alpha Group. 5: Meet at designated place for riot/unrest scenario. 6: Head to BoL, secure property. Start life at BoL until it it can be assessed if this is just a short term thing or the opening scenario to something larger.
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    But what really matters I think, is that you have a real plan. Yea I know, all the arm chair commandos are going to fight it out with their 10 trillion rounds of ammo. And, heck they may even get lucky for awhile, like about 15 minutes. But, by haveing a good plan, and utilizing it, you may just get lucky , avoid all the cordite in the air not to mention the ear shattering sounds and escape the melay.

    For instance, if you live in a rather large city, find smaller secondary and even dirt roads that you can get to and slowly make your way out of said city. Have lists made up , where you can find them, and put your gear together that you have on the list first.
    Fine if you have a little extra room when that is all in the car, then maybe you can throw the extra "I gotta have" items in. Another thing, you need to somehow weigh every thing and keep it on the list. Look on the door tag of your vehicle and see what the gross weight is. That will include any and all people in the vehicle. So, add the weight of all the riders, subtract that from the gross weight and you will have the ballance of the weight you can safely carry.
    That is when you will be a little scared, at least most of you. I'm willing to bet that most people drive cars etc and have no clue what they can carry in their cars ,suv's etc without or before breaking an axle. Very real threat actually. Especially if your planning on traveling on bumpy old dirt roads.

    Since I do see things in a downhill sprial, I really urge all of you to give this a lot of thought, now, before it becomes to late.
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    I seen people one time when a guy tried to push his truck through a coal miners strike line. The vehicel infront of him stopped he got scared hit the gas tried to push through didn't work. The striking miners started rcocking the truck with the man in it and rolled it over killing the passerger as it flipped off the hill side. The driver told us he was trying to get out but the truck was rocking so hard and the people outside he couldn't him and his buddy was just being slamned against each other. He then stated he went for his pistol in the glove box and his word I was gong to kill as many of those SOB's as possible. Glove box open gun thrown out behind the seat. The driver was a veteran miner and his passenger was his 19 year old son who had started work two weeks earlier. Things can go to he!! in a hand basket quick and with the best plans in the world, but with no plan and without the ablity to think on your feet it will fall apart all the time.
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    Oh, one thing I almost forgot to say
    " The sky is falling " LOL
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    *raises hand* Uh Nadja, I have a VERY good idea the limit my truck can hold in weight without breaking anything. Pushed it quite a few times.

    In the scenario Alpha described, the First Priority is getting home, and/or getting your loved ones home as well. When dealing with mobs of the Golden Horde of Sheeple, Guns & Ammo are always an option. Luckily in my county its all one decent town & rest are dang near speedbumps of towns. 15 miles from home in my county, means I'm nearly on other side of county as it is exactly 18 miles to work. So i'd have sum room to play with getting home & not having to go the direct route. Thanks to my late teens & early 20s I know A LOT of back roads & more than a few dirt roads in this county. Heh I learned how to drive in Drivers Ed class, but learned how to DRIVE on gravel & dirt backroads.

    In my pitiful county the biggest town of Forest City would be the only place for rioting & mobs. They got the Walmart ya know lol. Lil hard to riot & mob when you gotta drive 20-30 minutes to get there. But as I said, in Alpha's scenario for my AO the first priority is getting home. Only then would decisions be made as to if should bug out, or bug in setting up defensive fortifications. Luckily my distrust of my fellow mankind has lead me to making my home a hard target for your average MZB. So it'd just be a matter of getting the not so nice things out that you don't have in your average yard. You know, barb wire, stakes, etc...

    P.S. Did you know a big old unused chimney can have a platform installed inside it making a crows nest sort of sniping platform with decent bullet protection? I did & have. :)
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    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    You know that is one of the biggest keys to live or die I think is know your area. Like STANG said I learned to drive on old back counrty roads that most people would be stuck on in mud up to their necks. It's all about where am I, What will be the best way to get to where I am going and how to keep a low profile getting there. You dont want to let everyone see the back roads you have followed because if you have to BUG out that could be your way. Then if you have a few cars with drivers who have never been off the hardtop I can promise that dirt road will be blocked with some dumba$$ standing there with his hands on his pocket talking about how he thought the spped limit was 55mph. Thats when STANG's steel beumpers work the best.
  12. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    Everything i own is 4x4...If i can't travel the back road's or cut across pasture's,(using wirecutter's)...Then the railroad track is my friend...
  13. Dogfood

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    Just exactly how do you go about planing for where and when a riot will break out.
    If you are the 15 miles from home you are going to slowly make your way home without becoming a victim. I also would also love to know where in your real life experience being armed is going to make you less likely to survive.

    Me coming home from work would be well armed anyone thinking of running down a large group of people should think about what it would be like to hit say 10 deer your car/truck at one time. You will stop if only from bodies getting in the fender wells. I for one plan to survive whatever whenever by using my brain and whatever tools I have or can find. I has got me home from wars, security operations in he!! holes and for my job taking fine citizen back to jail every day. Thats my big plan.
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    You boys living in small towns , growing up in the woods, know your dirt roads, where they go and which ones to take. BUT, for all those living in the cities, not so much. Oh it maybe registars in the back of their minds, but take one and see where it goes ? No, might get the shiny suv dirty or worse, lost.

    So, these types of people although knowing where there may be a dirt road, have no clue where they go. Imagine, they run like rabbits to get to the 'dirt road' , travel on it for about 20 miles, only to find it dead ends at some canyon or such. Opps moment. This is why you really need to explore those roads now, where it won't be anymore than a slight inconvience at worst, or a place to "practice things" at best.

    I live very remote and over the last 16 years or so, have explored just about every cow trail around here. This like everything else on your list should be a priority. Ever watch a chicken with its head cut off ? Just flops around and bounces into everything in about 4 ft. You don't want to be like that.
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  15. Nadja

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    Dog Food. I don't think you will find any posts by me saying anything about not being armed. Nor do I remember saying anything about knowing in advance where any riots would be or start up.
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    Well I have been in this area for over 25 years and have now decided that I won't go more than 45 miles from home . Now I know that is a long way when you have to walk it but I know people along every route home where I could stop and either get help or a ride home . I no longer work outside the home so my trips are far and few between. It's always good to know people you may count on and get help. We have been planing and getting ready for the day we no longer have all of the conveniences that we enjoy now. It's taken us a lifetime to get here a little at a time and yes we could do more to prep or have more on hand as I know we all could but we have prepared as best we can for right now .
    Being prepared is a life style not something you can just go out and buy on a moments notice ,so if you haven't started yet it's time !!!
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    If I was at work then if would only be a quick drive the mile home. If i was travelling for work at another location then my plan would very greatly by what mode of transportation I had to take to get to that facility. If I am at the location close enough that I drove my own vehicle then I have my BOB and feel at least a bit more confident on being able to get home. If I had to fly to get there then it will be much more difficult for me and I would not be as confident but I would sure give it all I could to get home.

    It is something I have thought about but besides getting a bike and trying to pick up some stuff in the area before hand and depending some on my friends at that facility there is not a lot to do. I try just to keep my eyes and ears open to be out of areas ahead of time but I understand that there could come a time when I would be caught in a bad situation. I try to minimize it but then again I have to live my life and have decided to trade that risk for the other things that beingin this job gives to me and my family.
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    Just sitting here thinking. Yea , I know, will give me brain pains. How many of you have MAP's of your areas rather then the fancy gps junk ? How many of you know how to read a map ? And I know us really way out there kind of people know by mail box where to turn. But what about the rest of you ? Wouldn't it be nice if you lived in the middle of New York City to be able to find a road out of town ?
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    I best maps I've seen of the areas around WV are from the Forestry service ,they show all of the back roads and logging trails as well as the roads ,rivers,R&R tracks(old and new) and airports. If you have an office close to you all you have to do is go talk to them and ask for them ,they do charge for them but it's worth it .
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    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    What I did was got county maps of my home county and surrounding counties. Then maps from the street Depts of the three town/cities I could have to and do travel. Those type maps show all the little roads even most dirt roads and gas well roads. Ive also have went through and marked some caves that I know of that could be used for shelter
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    Ha...I'm 35 miles out in the Gulf...With a Bell 407,(1st.choice) and a 110 ft.crewboat and a 100 ft.supply boat...Two i can make run with tie-wrap's and bungie cord's and steer with a 36'' pipewrench...Something will be turn'n and burn'n to the north...and we have block map's...
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