Urban Troubles

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by melbo, Nov 29, 2005.

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    This should really go under Humor.

    Went out of town Wednesday to visit the Wife's family in Louisville KY. I got us a couple rooms downtown in a pretty upscale Hotel.

    Friday at 4:00AM, I here a buzzing and see flashes under the adjoining room door, (Kids were there), I'm in deep REM and wonder what the hell they are welding at this hour....? 20 seconds later, my daughter busts thorough the door and says those dreaded words...: "Fire"

    Oh shit. I'm naked, it's 17 ° outside and we're on the 18th floor.
    I grab my cash, my guns, (3), and put on my PJs and head to the stairwell. The sound of that fire buzzer is unreal. Very Loud

    We walk down the stairs and get to the bottom fire escape door. Jump down and then it hit me. Where the hell are the rest of the guests? We walk the street and the Early bird businessmen waiting for the bus are looking at us in a funny way, PJ's and such.

    We walk around to the front of the Hotel and I see the Coffee kiosk girl brewing coffee,. I walk a little further and see a girl at the front desk cleaning the counter... All the while, strobe lights and buzzers are sounding throughout the place. Felt like a twilight zone episode.

    2 hours later , they finally fixed the problem. Never gave me an explanation for the alarm but it seems that the BUZZER was only going off in one of our rooms. We did get the $144 per night changed to $49 a night for the inconvenience.... not bad
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    Man sorry that happened....That must have really sucked. ;)
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    I used to work at a casino where that happened constantly. Every day or 2 the fire alarms would go off for no reason and we all learned to ignore them, then one day there actualy was a fire and none of us believed it untill we saw the flames. The worst part was that the management wanted us to stay at our work stations anyway (working on the buffet) and a lot of the idiots did (for $7.50/hr) untill the fire department got there and told them to get everyone out! Then they had us back in there cleaning up as soon as the flames were out while the fire fighters were still walking around in respirators.
  4. Quigley_Sharps

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    :lol: @ Melbo man that blows :eek:
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