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    3) Fencing....there are so many types it's just a matter of choice today, as to what you use...Barbed wire is an old favorite, but it has yet to stop an introder UNLESS it's like the old Miltary styled "Double Apron" styles. Even those are easily negotiated. We just went under them! You use a basic fence on the outside or external side of your property boundaries, only as a marker of sorts. It does help to keep local roaming cattle out, but that's about it. The main idea is to use a secondary or internal fenceline to deter intruders. That is not as easy as it sounds. BUT, it is possible to accomplish. Some choose to use the standard type of chainlink fencing, which is all well and good...AS long as you adhere to a couple of basics... Do NOT use the top rail (pipe) over the tops to prevent it from being pushed down. Why? Good question...It is far too easy to run, place a hand on that top rail, jump up, and BOB's Your Uncle, you're in! Just try that with NO rail or pipe along the top..
    It's really quite funny to watch, BUT, not so funny for the schmuck lying on the ground his face imbedded in the dirt! (I saw it happen 2 times by people trying to jump my fence, when the cops where chasing them!)
    But then I digress....ahhh memories!
    So now you have a loose type of fence, now what? Well you can reinforce the fence for the most part by using a smooth wire threaded through it ( 6 inches to a foot down from the top) to support the uppermost part...strengthening the main body of the fencing, but not allowing it to be crossed so easliy...Many ranch style fences are designed to keep horses from climbing, but as such it still has 2 inch by 4 inch holes that can be used to climb...Not by us old fat guys though!
    Anyway, the use of most any type of fencing can be enhanced by simply NOT making it too taut! I know, it's just NOT aesthetically pleasing, but it's a real joy to see bad people get slammed face first in the dirt! It works with chainlink, barbed wire, ranch style fencing, and ( oh yeah) even chicken wire fence! I have used what I call false posts/poles, made of tree limbs, buried about 4 inches into the soil. They appear to be real for all intents and purposes, but they only are for show...They add nothing but a minimal support in widely spaced areas, and when someone tries to use them or that section of fence ( thinking it's very well supported) they get a real shock as the fence spins around and plants them into the ground.
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